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JP Diplomatic Conference 2018


September 3
Don't forget to bring your books to class for the test!
September 30 2018
I hope you have had a great holiday and are enjoying the last few days.
On Sunday October 7 you have a test in class.
The test is on the book you have read.
You will need to answer some questions about the story and write about the book - 1 page.
Bring the book to class.
Sample questions

1. What is the setting (time and place) of the story? 
2. How does the setting of the story contribute to your understanding of
the story?
3. Write a short summary of the plot.
4. Who is your favorite character and why?
5. Describe a character you disliked and explain why.
6. Describe a problem the main character has to deal with. Is the
problem solved? Why or why not?
7. What is the message/theme of the story?
8. In your opinion, what was the best part of the book and why?
9. Do you recommend reading this book?
10. Invent a different ending to the story.
11. Write a letter to the author sharing your impression of the book.
12. Invent an interview with one of the characters.

Good luck!
taken from: kan lomdim
September 17 2018
Guidelines for the English Project 
Due date for submitting parts 1 - 5 : October 3 
We will be in the computer room in the 2nd lesson
·      Choose a topic of your interest. 
·      Prepare at least 3 research questions.(things you want to find out about the topic) – you can choose 1 question if it gives you enough scope to write the project. 
·      Gather information from at least 2 different sources – always make a note of your sources and save the links for easy reference later. 
·      Summarize and make sure that you use your own words.(Copying and pasting from the internet will not be accepted). 
Your project will contain the following parts:
1.   A cover page with the topic,your name, class
2.   Table of content
3.   Research questions(1 page)
4.   Introduction - where you present the topic, why you chose it and how you intend to research it. (1 page)
5.   Background information on the topic (general information on the topic( 1 page)
6.   The body of the project-answer each of your research questions in paragraph form (2-3 pages)
7.   Your turn to be creative-find/create something that is related to the topic you have chosen, for example a song/poem /picture/recipe an interview/ a relevant newspaper article etc.(1 page)
8.   Conclusion - summarize the main facts/new information that you learned about the topic.
9.   Reflection page: Answer the following questions:
a How did you feel about doing the project?
b What were the most important things you learned by doing it?
c Did you improve your language? Have you tried to use the best language you can?
d  Write about your difficulties/parts you enjoyed doing.
e.Did you work alone or in pairs?
10. Bibliography

Due date for submitting parts 1 - 5 : October 3
We will be in the computer room in the 2nd lesson
September 9 2018 - We are going to work on the projects - for those of you who have already chosen a subject I want to know the subject and the aim of your project - information, research with open ended questions (like is there life on other planets?), biography os someone, story of a work of art or a song .... For those of you who haven't chosen a subject please make the effort to choose a subject that you would like to write about - Here is an outline structure for the project:
Page 1: A cover page – write the name of your project; your name; ID number; teacher's name; school's name; add a picture of the topic you chose.
Page 2: Table of contents – add the contents of your work with relevant pages.
Page 3: Introduction – introduce your topic, why you chose to write about it and what you plan to learn.
Pages 4-9: body: three research questions about your project.
If, for example, you choose to do a project about a certain country, you can write about its history, food, climate, tourists attractions and so on.
Page 10: Summary – summarize your findings: did you learn something new about your topic?
Page 11: Reflection – write your own opinion about your work: did you improve your English? Did you enjoy making this project? What was difficult/easy for you while doing this project and so on.

Page 12: Bibliography – add 3 or more sites that have helped you research the topic.

COURSE SYLLABUS                             5 Point English Class – 12th grade
Books:  Literature Option 2.    "All My Sons" by Arthur Miller.               Mastering Module G. G Whiz!

Weekly lessons:
Room 63
Room 63
Project work
Room 63

"All My Sons" by Arthur Miller.
For & Against Essay / Opinion Essay / Formal Letters / Description - (2nd semester).

Report Card Grades:
Semester A:
90%  - "All My Sons", 10% - effort, homework, participation
Semester B
40% - tests,  50% - Module G quizzes + essays,  10% - effort, homework, participation
School Grades for Bagrut Tests (“Magen”):
Module F:  An average of all the literature grades (Post-Reading Assignments (30%) + SA (70%)) +  Literature Matkonet 30% = to be discussed in class.
Module G:    Semester B  (36%),  Project (34%),  Matkonet (30%)         
Oral Bagrut:  It is worth 20% of your final Bagrut grade. It consists of 50% Oral Matkonet test and 50% Oral Bagrut test. 60% of your Oral Tests (both the Oral Matkonet AND the Oral Bagrut) are based on your project.

Good Luck J

Group 1
Group   2
Group       3
Group 4
Group 5
Group 6
拽讜讝诇讜讘 讗讬诇谞讛
诪讜专讬住-专讬讬讱 讬注诇
讝讬谞讙诪谉 讙讜谞讬
讙专砖讙讜专谉 谞讜讬
讘讻专 讚专讬讛
讗讜专谉 讚谞讬讗诇
拽讜驻诪谉 讙`谞讬
住讬讟谞讬拽讜讘讛 讟谞讬讛
讝诪住拽讬 讗讘讬讙讬诇
讚讜转谉 诇讬讗诇
讘诇讞谞住 诇讬讗讜专
讗讟讬讗住 讗讜驻拽
拽讜专谞讟 讬讜谞转谉
住拽讜诇抓 住驻讬专
讝拽讛讬讬诐 讗讚诐
讛讜讜专讚讬 注诪专讬
讘专 诇讬讗转
讗讟诇住 讬讗诇
砖诇驻拽 讗讬转讬
驻讗讜讝谞专 诪拽住
讟诇 讗讜驻讬专
讛专讗诇-住谞讟讬住 转诪专
讘专讜讱 讗讘讬转专
讗讬诇谉 讚谞讛
砖驻讬 诇讬讗讜专
驻讚谉 讬注专讬
讟诇 诪注讬讬谉
讛专专讬 诪讬讬讗
讙讘讗讬 砖讞专
讗诪讬专 讬讜诇讬

诇讜讬谉 谞讜注诐
讜讬讬住诪谉 诪讗讬讛
讙讬诇讛专 讚讜专
讗专讘诇 讗讜砖专

讜专砖讗讬 讗住转专
讙诇注讚 砖诇讬

讙爪讬住 讛讬诇讬

We're going to play a game 馃榾
This game is to help me to BEGIN to get to know you all by name but also to see how you work together and communicate in English.
I have split the class into 6 groups.
I want each group to take the first names (in English) of everyone in the group and make a list of the letters in English. - 10 minutes
Then start making as many words as you can from the letters - 10 minutes.
Finally come to the board and write as many of your words clearly on the board - 10  minutes.

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