Reut school of Arts Haifa - 11th Grade 1-3


September 9 2018 - Please bring your book reports from the books you read in the Summer holidays - if you haven't done a book report then please choose a book that you want to read - let me know in class what book you have chosen. 

COURSE SYLLABUS                       5 Point English Class – 11th grade
Books:  High Five + Practice Book. Literature Program Option 2. Mastering Module E. Tests for Module E. Help Yourself to English Grammar 2.

Weekly lessons:
Room 83
High Five text + Practice Book / Mastering Module E / Tests for Module E
Room 83
Room 83

2 short story: “The Enemy” / 2 Shakespeare sonnets – 18 & 130.
For & Against Essay / Opinion Essay / Formal Letters.
1.  Tenses  2.  Modals  3.  Passive  4.  Conditionals  5.  Relative Clauses  6.  Reported Speech  7.  Linking Ideas/Connectors   8.  Gerunds + Infinitives
English Folder with dividers (讞讜爪爪讬诐).
5 sections:
1. Classwork  (High Five) 2. Vocabulary 3. Grammar 4. Literature 5. Writing

Report Card Grades:
Semester A:
50% - tests,  40% - quizzes + essays,  10% - effort, participation, homework, attendance
Semester B:
50% - tests,   40% - quizzes + essays,  10% - effort, participation, homework, attendance
School Grade for Bagrut (“Magen")
60% - Semester A + B
30% - Matkonet exam
10% - final grade in grade 10

Good Luck J

Group 1
Group   2
Group       3
Group 4
Group 5
Group 6
讗讘讬讗诇-讘讜讟讘讜诇 住讛专
讘讚专 转诪专
讚讘讬专 谞注讛
讻讛谉 住注专
诪专讝谉 拽砖转
拽驻诇谉 谞讙讛
讗讘专诪讜讘住拽讬 诪讗专拽
讘讜住拽讜讘讬抓 讗讬转谉
讚讜讘讬谞讬讜 诪专讬诐
讻讞诇 讬讜注讚
诪专拽讜讘住拽讬 讟讬诪讜驻讬讬
专驻驻讜专讟 讬注诇
讗诪住诇诐 讗诇讬
讘专拽讜讘讬抓 讗驻拽
讛诇讜讬 谞讬转讗讬
诇专谞专 砖专讬
住讬诇讘讬讗谉 谞讜注讛
砖讚诪讬 讬讜讘诇
讗专讙讜讘 - 讚讬讬谉 谞讜专
讙讘拽讜 讗讜诇讙
讛专诪谉 讗诇讚专
诪讗讬专 谞讜注诐
驻诇讚 讗讬专讬住
砖讬诇讛 讗讚诐
讘讗讟讜讟 注讜诪专
讙诇讝诪谉 讗讬诇讬讗谞讛
讬砖讜专讜谉 转诪专
诪讬诇专 砖讬
拽讜住诪讬谞住拽讬 注诪讬转
砖拽诇讬讗专 讚谞讬讗诇

We're going to play a game 馃榾
This game is to help me to BEGIN to get to know you all by name but also to see how you work together and communicate in English.
I have split the class into 6 groups.
I want each group to take the first names (in English) of everyone in the group and make a list of the letters in English. - 10 minutes
Then start making as many words as you can from the letters - 10 minutes.
Finally come to the board and write as many of your words clearly on the board - 10  minutes.

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