10th Grade. 5 points. 2020

Write a message for Howard

Welcome to the Post Corona Bulletin board - students have written poems and short stories and played music - their reflections about the period of confinement from March until May 2020

The Gunpowder Plot - BC
Collaborative Learning Project - Reut High School of the Arts, Israel / Le Castillas College, France.
COURSE SYLLABUS                 5 Point English Class – 10th grade - September 2019
Books:  Master Class + Practice Book.    Literature Program Option 2.     Mastering Module E.                 Help Yourself to English Grammar 2.

Weekly lessons:
Tuesday  x  2
Room 32
Master Class / Mastering Module E   
Room 32
Friday  x  2
Room 32

Poems: "Count That Day Lost" and "The Road Not Taken" 
 Story: "A Summer's Reading". 
A paragraph;  A description essay – person, place, experience, item ;  For and Against Essay Opinion Essay
1.  English Tenses  2.  Parts of Speech  3.  Adjectives  4.  Adverbs   5.  Modals   6.  Relative Clauses       

English Folder with dividers(讞讜爪爪讬诐) .
5 sections:
1. Classwork  (Master Class) 2. Vocabulary 3. Grammar 4. Literature 5. Writing

Report Card Grades:
Semester A Grade:
40% - tests, 40% - quizzes + essays, 10% - presentation, 10% - effort, participation, homework
Semester B Grade:  
50% - tests,  40% - quizzes + essays, 10% - effort, participation, homework

Good Luck J

Music Quiz: The 60's

  1. Missing words in songs
  2. Quiz 2
  3. Quiz 3
  4. Quiz 4

GRAMMAR slideshows

Group 1
Group   2
Group       3
Group 4
Group 5
Group 6

We're going to play a game 馃榾
This game is to help me to BEGIN to get to know you all by name but also to see how you work together and communicate in English.
I have split the class into 6 groups.
I want each group to take the first names (in English) of everyone in the group and make a list of the letters in English. - 10 minutes
Then start making as many words as you can from the letters - 10 minutes.
Finally come to the board and write as many of your words clearly on the board - 10  minutes.
Count That Day Lost  / The Road Not Taken  / A Summer's Reading