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English Exercises - Grammar + unseens

English Grammar Secrets
Online Grammar - lessons & exercises

1 Pronoun
2 BE (+) (-) (?)
3 Have \ Has
4 A \ AN \ SOME
5 Count \ Noun Count
6 There is \ There are
7 Present Simple (+) (-) (?)
8 Present Simple (+) (-) (?)
9 Past Simple (+) (-) (?)
10 Past Progressive (+) (-) (?)
11 Future Simple (+) (-) (?)
12 Adjectives
13 Passive and Active
14 Rules of reading
15 Unseen's
16 Tests
17 WH questions
18 Questions in Bag rut
19 A Test to find the level in English


מיין לטבלה הבאה את המילים הבאות:

Dog, cat, Dan, Yossi and I, Tomer, door, banana,

Pencil, Aviv and Offer, flower, Tommy, Galit, Tal

Car, table, chair, Offer and I, Aviv and Gal, doll

Bag, mat, Dora and Tamar, Moshe and I







רשום בכול משפט את הכינוי הגוף המתאים:

1 _________ is my sister.

2_________ is my car.

3 _________ are big brothers.

4__________ am a big boy.

5__________ is an umbrella.

6__________ is a door.

7__________ am a teacher.

8 __________ is a good girl.

9___________ are big children.

10_________ is a red bike.

11_________ is an orange.

12_________ am a good man.

13_________ am a good woman.

14_________ is a nurse.

15_________ is a blue window.



רשום ליד כול כינוי גוף את הפירוש המתאים:





I –

רשום בטבלה שמתחת 4 דוגמאות מתחת לכול כינוי גוף: (העזר במילון)







Write the words in the right column......התאימו
Ben, sister, Tal and you, a boy, books, Alon, pupils
Dana and I , a dog ,Coral , a flower , father , children ,  
Gal and I ,dad, Ron and Dan, friends , a ball, the cat and you , mother ,sun,   Ronit,  girls , school, table, apples, snake,woman, dad, you and Ronny, David


כינויי הגוף

ענה על המשפטים הבאים:
1. This man is my father.
_____ is my father.

2. Dalia is a girl.
_____ is a girl.

3. Danny and Ben are boys.
_____ are boys.

4. Pussy is a cat.
_____ is a cat.

5. Rona and I are in the class.
_____ are in the class.

6. This woman is my mother.
_____ is my mother.

7. Nora is my teacher.
_____ is my teacher.

8. Mother is a teacher.
                                   _____ is a teacher.
עבודה מהנה

כינויי הגוף
החלף את השמות הבאים לשמות גוף:

1. Dana        _____

2. Ben and I ______

3. Mr. Dorr   ______

4. The new ball       _____

5. Mother and Father     ______

6. Computers     ______

7. The new teacher    _______

8. The brown horse   _______

9. Mira, Sara and I     ______

10. You and Gal   ______

11. The cat      _______

12. Doors      ________

עבודה מהנה

My Story

קראו את הסיפור והשלימו בעזרת שמות הגוף המתאימים:

        Hi, my name is Boaz. ____ am 10 years old.

_____ am tall and thin.

Dana and Sharon are my sisters. ______ are bigger than me.

Sharon is 16 years old.______ goes to "Hadarim" high school. Dana is 19 years old. ________ is in the army.

I live in Hod Hasharon in a nice lovely house. _____ has 4 rooms. I have a cat named Mozart. _______ is my best friend.

Mr. Levi is my friend. ______ is a driver. _____ likes his work very much. My mother is a nurse. _____ works very hard.

______ are one big happy family!

עבודה מהנה

מבנה משפט פשוט

ענה על המשפטים הבאים בחיוב, שלילה ושאלה:

(+) Dan is a good boy.

(-) Dan is not a good boy.

(?) Is Dan a good boy?


1. Tomer_____ a good student.
 (-) _______________________.


2. Dan and Yossi________ good friends.

(-) _________________________________.


3. We_____ very clean boys.

(-) __________________________________.


4. I___ a Doctor.



5. Tamar and I _____ pupils.


A \ AN

Fill in A   or   AN :

1. ____ book

2. ____ window

3. ____ apple

4. ____ pen

5. ____ pencil

6. ____ orange

7. ____ car

8. ____ bread

9. ____ table

10. ____ egg

11. ____ bed

12. _____ umbrella

13. ____ map

14. _____ plate

15._____ eye

16. ____ igloo

1. ______ doors

2. ______ onion

3. ______ bags

4._______ glasses

5. _______ ambulance

6. _______ city

7. _______ baby

8. _______ airplane

9. _______ box

10. _______ taxi

11. _______ octopus

12. _______ tables

13. _______ boys

14. _______ elephant

15. _______ computers

16. _______ notebooks

Have   \      Has

ענה על המשפטים הבאים:

1. Shay _______ an umbrella.

                                                      2. We _______ a black car.

3. Dan _______ an apple.

4. They ______ a new computer.

5. Tal ______ a new bed.

6. Gal ______ a white table.

7. My dog _________ a long tail.

8. Sara ________ a blond hair.

9. Guy ________ a blue eyes.

10. Tal _______ an orange

11. You ________ a very long hair.

12. Shay _______ a pink T-shirt.

13. I ________ a red box.

14. Daniela _______ a dog.

15. We _____ a cat.

16. Yarden _______ a cake.

17. Sara______ a new chair.

Have and Has

1.      We _____________ flowers in our garden.     
2.    Jane _____________ five new books.
3.    I _____________ a sport car.
4.    _____ a big villa.
5.    My sister _____________ a lot of dolls in her room.
6.    My father _____________ a television in his office.
7.    Sara and I _____________ a computer in our flat.
8.    My mother _____________ a big brown bag.
9.    Orit _____________ some friends in Haifa.
10. You _____________ ten pencils. 
11.  I _____________ a table in my bedroom.
12. Sami _____________ an old bicycle.
13.  Sapir _____________ blue eyes.
14. Dan _______two English books.
15. The pupils' ________ a new computer room.
16. The dog________ a very big doghouse.
17. Bill Gates ________ a lot of money.                     
18. Tomer________long hair.
19. They ________ two tickets.
     20.She________ a television in her bedroom .     

עבודה מהנה



Write have or has

1. I........................a book.

2.You.....................a grey cat.



5.Margalit................... a doll.

6.She......................a dress.

7.John.....................a kite.

8.Tom and Ben.......ten bananas.

9.The baby..............a ball.

10.Children.............. bikes.


12.The woman............a skirt.

13.The pupils .............. good teachers.
14.I .................. a white ruler.

15.Shany................ a brother.                                                   

16. They................. ice cream.

17. Bella and I .............. four notebooks.

Have \ has \ am \ is \are

השלימו את הסיפור :       

I______ a new friend. His name ___ Benny.
Benny _____ has many toys. I _____ many toys too. My favorite toy ____ a red car and a pirate ship.
Benny and I _______ a new teacher. Her name _____ Rutty. She _____ long hair and blue eyes. She ____ a very good teacher. We like our teacher. Every Friday we ____ an English lesson, and we ____ very happy.

Today _____ my Birthday. I ____ ten years old. I _____ very happy. My mother _______ happy too. I ____ many things that I want for my Birthday. I _____ many balloons in my room. Some of the balloons ____ white and some ____ blue spots on them.

My New Friend
I ______ a new friend. His name ______ Tom. He _____ ten years old. He ______ brown eyes. He ______ a pupil at my school. Tom _______ two sisters, Dana and Galit. They _____ years old.
Tom, Dana and Galia _____ a little dog. Its name _____ Snoopy. Snoopy ____ a new toy, a little red ball.

עבודה מהנה

                                                                   Correct Order of Words

סדר את המשפטים הבאים על פי הכללים :

Example:   am happy I =      I am happy

1. dog good is The


2. pencils are There on table the.


3. mom at home My is.


4. sky sun is The in the.


5. baby has The bottle.


6. seven is Dan old years.


7. has She friends many.

עבודה מהנה

There is/ There are



Ex: There’s a TV on the cupboard in the living room.
There ……………… a doll …………………………………………………………………………………………
There ……………… a lamp …………………………………………………………………………………………
There ……………… four pencils ………………………………………………………………………………
There ……………… a box ……………………………………………………………………………………………
There ……………… a two caps …………………………………………………………………………………
There ……………… a cat …………………………………………………………………………………………
There ……………… a teddy bear ……………………………………………………………………………
There ……………… three boats ………………………………………………………………………………
There ……………… a car ……………………………………………………………………………………………
There ……………… two mice …………………………………………………………………………………
There ……………… eight shoes …………………………………………………………………………………
There ……………… a ball ………………………………………………………………………

עבודה מהנה

There is \ There are

1. _________ a pen on the desk.
2. _________ an umbrella near the coat.
3. _________ some cookies in the box.
4. _________ sheep on the mountain.
5. _________ a big bottle on the shelf.
6. _________ men standing in a line.
7. _________ an elephant at the zoo.
8. _________ a red apple near the banana.
9. _________ an old clock on the wall.
10. ________ twenty seven pupils in my class.
11. ________ a fish in the jar.

My room
תאר את חדרך בעזרת 6 משפטים:

1. There is a\an _________________________.

2. There is _____________________________.

3. There is _____________________________.

4. There are ____________________________.

5. There are ____________________________.

6. There are ____________________________.
עבודה מהנה

הפוך את שמות העצם מיחיד לרבים:

1. baby-

2. glass-

3. table-

4. computer-

5. bag-

6. radio-

7. lady-

8. boy-

9. man-

10. woman-

11. girl-

12. family-

13. box-

14. watch-

15. fox-

16. ox-
                                    17. cow-
Singular – Plural Nouns
שמות עצם יחיד- רבים

כתבו את צורת הרבים או היחיד ופרשו :


A pen


A hero

A story


An egg


A day

A city


A monkey

A brush


A watch

עבודה מהנה

Singular – Plural Nouns

כתבו את צורת הרבים:
A book –

A story –

A wife –

An orange –

A lamp –

A shelf –

A donkey –

A tomato –

A pen –

A ship –

A bus –

A candy –

A man –

An ox –

A tooth –

A child –
Correct Order of Words

סדר את המשפטים הבאים על פי הכללים :

Example:   am happy I =      I am happy

1. dog good is The


2. pencils are There on table the.


3. mom at home My is.


4. sky sun is The in the.


5. baby has The bottle.


6. seven is Dan old years.


7. has She friends many.

עבודה מהנה
                                          Possessive Pronouns

ענה על המשפטים הבאים:


1. You have a ball. _____ ball is under the table.
2. Dana has a room. _____ room is very clean.
3. Mr. Ronen has a car. ______ car is in the garage.
4. Gil and Rina have a brother. ____ brother is in the army.
5. I have many friends. _____ friends live in Tel-Aviv.
6. The cat has a tail. _____ tail is long.
7. Keren and I have notebooks. _____ notebooks are on the desk.
8. The trees have leaves. ____ leaves are brown and yellow.
9. My teacher Sara has a new car. ______ new car is white.
10. Yona and I have pictures. _______ pictures are
on the wall.

Wh Question

מה- what
איפה- where
מתי- when
מי- who
למה- why
איזה- which
איך- how
כמה- how many\much

השלימו את מילות השאלה המתאימות:

1. ______ is the time, please?
2. ______ do you think you are?
3. ______ is my car?
4. ______ do you live?
5. ______ are you looking for?
6. ______ is your name?
7. ______ didn't you call me last night?
8. ______ money does the bag cost?
9. ______ tables are in the class?
10. _____ are you crying?
11. _____ does she teach English?

עבודה מהנה

WH Questions

Fill in with correct question word:

1. _______________ is the Parade?

Answer: It's at 17:00

2. _______________ are the children now?

Answer: They are at school

3. _______________ do you like to eat?

Answer: I like spaghetti.

4. _______________ is the teacher coming?

Answer: In 5 minutes.

5. _______________ are you from?

Answer: We are from the USA.
עבודה מהנה


Present Progressive
Fill ing to the verb:

1. go-

2. speak-

3. drive-

4. fly-

5. bake-

6. read-

7. live-

8. sit-

9. run-

10. cry-

                                                                                                        11. do-

12. fix-

13. lie-

14. tie-

15. listen-

16. play-

17. watch-

18. clean-

19. walk-

20. sleep-

21. stay-

Present Progressive

ענה על המשפטים הבאים בחיוב שלילה ושאלה:

1. Daniel_________ (go) to school now.



2. They___________ (run) at the moment.



3. Yossi ___________ (bake) a cake now



4. I___________ (watch) a new movie now.



5. Sheila___________ (play) basketball at the moment.



Present Progressive

ענה על המשפטים הבאים בחיוב שלילה ושאלה :

1. Tammy __________ (clean) her room at the moment.

(-) ____________________________________________.

(?) ____________________________________________?

2. They __________ (sleep) at the moment.

(-) _________________________________.


3. Aviv __________ (drink) coffee at the moment.



4. Aviv and Offer ___________ (swim) in the pool now.



5. The baby ___________ (cry) right now.



עבודה נעימה
                                           Present Progressive

הפכו את המשפטים הבאים לצורת השלילה:    

1. You are listening to the radio now

2. I am playing on the computer now.

3. She is talking on the phone now.

4. We are going on a picnic today.

5. He is doing homework with a friend.

6. They are cutting tomatoes for a salad.

7. It is raining now.

עבודה מהנה

Present Progressive

הפכו את המשפטים הבאים לשאלה:

1. Mrs. Gallia is cooking soup now.


2. The bus is leaving right now.


3. The children are playing outside at the moment.


4. My father is holding the newspaper in his hand.


5. Ben is putting the food on the table.


                                      עבודה מהנה

ענה על המשפטים הבאים:

1. I __________ (drink) tea now.

2. My brothers' ____________ (take) swimming lessons now.

3. Your cat __________ (sleep) under the sofa now.

4. The teacher _________ (give) our test now.

5. Today grandmother ____________ (bake) bread.

6. The class __________ (go) on a trip today.

7. Look! The baby ____________ (cry).

8. be quiet! The movie ___________ (start).

9. Mrs. Golan _________ (read) a book now.

10. The monkey ___________ (jump) now.

11. My sister and I _______ (wash) the car now.

12. My friends' ___________ (come) to my party today.

עבודה מהנה

                                                   Present Simple

Fill s\ es\ ies      to the verb:

1. fix-

2. go-

3. do-

4. read-

5. kiss-

6. play-

7. watch-

8. brush-

9. cry-

10. eat-

11. fly-

12. speak-

13. clean-

                                                                                                   14. drink-

15. sleep-

16. run-

17. sit-

18. live-

19. walk-

20. throw-

Present Simple

ענה על  המשפטים בחיוב שלילה ושאלה:

1. Tom _____ (play) basketball once a week.



2. We _______ (watch) T.V every day.



3. They ______ (read) a newspaper every morning.



4. I_______ (run) every day.



5. Tal _________(cry) every night.



עבודה נעימה

Present Progressive + Present Simple

ענה על המשפטים בחיוב שאלה ושלילה:

1.  Shay ________ (bake) a cake once a week.

(-) ____________________________________.

(?) ____________________________________?

2. Daniel and Yossi ________ (go) to school every day.

(-) ___________________________________________.


3. We ______________ (study) English at the moment.

(-) ___________________________________________.


4. They _________ (feed) their dog every morning.

(-) ________________________________________.


5. Danny ___________ (run) to school at the moment.

(-) _________________________________________.


6. Tom ________ (drink) Cola right now.

Present Simple + Present Progressive
ענה על המשפטים הבאים בחיוב שלילה ושאלה:

1. Talia ___________ (walk) to school at the moment.

(-) __________________________________________.


2. Tomer and Yossi _____________ (eat) lunch every day.
(-) _______________________________________________.


3. Idit ___________ (work) every day.



4. Maya __________ (watch) T.V now.



5. Rona _________ (clean) her room every week.

(-) _______________________________________.


6. Sara and Yossi __________ (fly) to U.S.A this year.



עבודה נעימה
Past Simple

הוסף לפעלים הבאים : ed\ d\ ied

                                                                                                    1. play-

2. bake-

3. cry-

4. stop-

5. stay-

6. play-

7. study-

8. Live-

9. watch-

10. brush-

11. fix-

12. kiss-

13. jump-

14. dance-

15. like-

16. walk-

17. carry-

18. Add-
עבודה נעימה

Past Simple = V2

הפוך את הפעלים הבאים לזמן עבר:

1. drink-

2. Know-

3. fall-

4. Speak-

5. Spend-

6. find-

7. feel-

8. put-

9. leave-

10. hurt-

11. buy-

12. sing-

13. Grow-

14. Become-

15. send-

Past Simple

ענה על המשפטים הבאים בחיוב שלילה ושאלה:

1. I___________ (play) football last week.



2. Dan ____________ (travel) to Haifa last week.

(-) _________________________________.


3. They____________ (close) the window yesterday.

(-) _________________________________________.


4. Sara ______________ (study) English last week.

(-) ________________________________________.

(?) ________________________________________?

5. Yoni ____________ (open) the door yesterday.


עבודה נעימה


Present Simple + Present Progressive + Past Simple

(+) , (-) , (?)
ענה על המשפטים הבאים בחיוב שלילה ושאלה:

1. Dana ____________ (climb) a tree last week.

(-) _____________________________________.

(?) _____________________________________?

2. They ________(speak) on the phone every day.

(-) ______________________________________.


3. Dotan ________ (buy) a new car once a year.

(-) _____________________________________.


4. Rotem _______ (cry) at the moment.



5. Barak _________ (read) a newspaper last night.


עבודה מהנה
                                     Future Simple

ענה על המשפטים בחיוב שלילה ושאלה:

1. My family ______________ (fly) to Eilat next week.


2. Dan _____________ (play) guitar next week.

(-) ____________________________________.


3. Gal __________ (meet) her family tomorrow.



4. Riva________ (visit) her son next week.



5. We _________ (eat) in the new restaurant next week.

(-) ____________________________________________.


עבודה מהנה

Present Simple, Present Progressive, past Simple, Future Simple

ענה על המשפטים הבאים בחיוב שלילה ושאלה:

1. Tamar__________ (sing) a song now.

(-) _______________________________.


2. We _________ (sleep) early every night.

(-) _________________________________.


3. Adam___________ (wear) a hat yesterday.

(-) ___________________________________.


4. Sami ___________ (bake) a cake tomorrow.

(-) ____________________________________.


5. She always ____________ (buy) cloths.

(-) ________________________________.


6. Daniel _________ (sell) his computer next week.



Past Progressive

ענה על המשפטים הבאים:   

1. While Dan _________ (sleep) the phone _______ (ring).
2. While my mum ________ (clean) the car, my sister _________ (sleep)

3. While Tamar __________ (do) her homework, I_______ (clean) my room.

4. When I _________ (watch) T.V, my mum ________ (speak) with her friend.
5. While I ___________ (clean) the kitchen, my mum______ (call) me.
6. While we_________ (read) a book, my father_______ (come) home.

7. While Tamer __________ (study) math, my brother ________ (sleep).

8. Tammy ___________ (go) to school, when suddenly _________ (start) to rain.

עבודה מהנה

Past Simple + Past Progressive

ענה על המשפטים הבאים:      

1. While we _______ (buy) food for the party, she ______ (plan) the game.

2. He _________ (not\see) that they ________ (copy) at that moment.

3. When I ________ (arrive) home. Everybody _________ (tell) jokes and _________ (have) fun.


4. We ________ (sit) on our front porch When Mr. Smith __________ (drive) up in his new car.

5. When I_______ (go) out yesterday, the sun _________ (shine).

6. He __________ (sit) in a Café when I _______ (see) him.

7. I ___________ (read) a book when you ________ (call) me.

8. John __________ (talk) with his boss when I last ________ (see) him.

9. As Mary ____________ (get) off the bus, she _______ (slip) and __________ (break) her leg.

10. Last night, just as we __________ (leave) for the movies, some friend __________ (call) him.
עבודה נעימה


Fill in the Future Simple, Present Progressive, Past Simple

Pay attention to Stative verbs

1. He ________ (write) a postcard to his friend at the moment.

2. She ________ (read) at least one book every month.

3. I___________ (not want) to read the book now.
4. We _________ (see) an excellent movie last night.

5. They _________ (plan) their holiday last night.

6. She __________ (taste) the soup now.

7. We _____________ (not study) English last year.

8. I___________ (remember) everything she said.

9. Mrs. Cohen ________ (dress) the children at 7:00 am every morning.

10. I________ (carry) the shopping bags last night.

11. They _________ (give) you an answer soon.

12. I ___________ (hear) the children playing outside now.

13. I __________ (return) the books to the library tomorrow.

14. The weather _______________ (not improve) for the next few days.

15. The sun usually __________ (shine) in summer.


                                                   עבודה נעימה             


Fill in the verbs in the Present Progressive, Present Simple, Past Progressive, Past Simple and Future Simple:

Yesterday, Dan _________ (work) in the garden while his mother_________ (clean) the house. She _________ (wash) the floor when he ______ (enter) the room with his shoes full of mud. She __________ (shout) at him and he __________ (say) that he _____ (be) sorry. Dan , usually __________ (hate) to make his mother angry, so now he __________ (plan) to go to her and say "sorry" .He ___________ (know) that She __________ (not let ) him. Go to the movie tomorrow. He hopes that She ________________ (forgive) him. He __________ (love) her very much and the two of them ______ (spend) next summer in New York together.

My friend __________ (arrive) from England last night. While my father and I ___________ (wait) at the airport, we ________ (see) the plane landing. But my friend ___________ (not come) out right away. While we ________ (drive) home and my friend ________ (tell) us about the flight, my mum ____________ (prepare) a delicious meal at home. Right now, we ________ (sit) around the table in the kitchen. My friend ___________ (not like) ice cream, so my mum _________ (bring) him an orange for desert.
Tomorrow, He ____________ (not get up) early because he ___(be) very tired from the flight. He usually _________ (wake up) very early in the morning' but he _____________ (know) that he is on holiday now. I hope that we _________ (have) a wonderful time together.

עבודה נעימה

Future Simple and Future Past
ענה על המשפטים הבאים:

1. Tourists __________ (visit) Jerusalem.

2. Mr. Gal ___________ (not allow) his daughter to go to the party.

3. Mr. Levi said _______ (play) in the concert next year.

4. We ____________ (not fly) straight to Disneyland.

5. Many flowers __________ (grow) next spring.

6. They decided they ________ (play) Monopoly the next day.

7. She says she ______ (post) a letter tomorrow.

8. We suggested that we ______ (meet) at the shopping center.

9. Mother says the boy _____________ (lose) his money if he does not keep it safe.

10. Mrs. Baron _________________ (not beat) the swimming pool tomorrow.

עבודה מהנה

Present Simple, Past Simple or Past progressive
ענה על הקטע על פי הכללים של זמני הדקדוק:

Many scientists 1._________ (believe) that some animals 2._____ (use) plants as medicines. Dr Richard Wrangham, an anthropologist, 3._________ (agree) with this theory.

Wrangham 4.__________ (get) to know about chimpanzees and their diets while he 5. _________ (study) them in Tanzania. One day he 6._________ (watch) the chimps while they 7. _______ (hunt) for leaves. When they 8._________ (find) the leaves, they 9. ________ (eat) them whole. Dr Wrangham 10. __________ (realize) something very interesting 11. ____________ (happen). He 12. _______ (take) some of the leaves home with him and 13. _________ (bring) them to a chemist.

When the chemist 14.__________ (examine) the leaves of this plant, he 15._________ (discover) that they contained oil. He later 16.__________ (find out) that this oil 17.___________ (kill) viruses.

We now know that the chimpanzees often 18._________ (hunt) for their own medicines. Surprisingly, it appears that these animals really 19.___________ (know) what they 20.________ (do).


Answer the questions:

1. Who is Dr Wrangham? ___________________________________.

2. What animals does he study? _______________________________.

3. When did he realize that something interesting was happening?
4. What did his study teach him?

לפניך מחסן שבתוכו אוצר מילים, רשום לפחות 7 משפטים על –פי כללי הדקדוק שלמדת:












Last week









Every day





Once a week


1. ________________________________________________.

2. ________________________________________________.

3. ________________________________________________.

4. ________________________________________________.

5. ________________________________________________.

6. ________________________________________________.

7. ________________________________________________.


לפניך מחסן מילים. רשום לפחות 7 משפטים, כאשר כול משפט יכיל בתוכו מילה אחת מהמחסן.

           1. _________________________________________.
           2. _________________________________________.
           3. __________________________________________.
           4. ___________________________________________.
           5. ___________________________________________.
           6. ___________________________________________.
           7. ___________________________________________.


 Went, do, run, happy, thin, eat, school, test, watch , give, today, this week, next week, go, read, small, fly, sleep, big, bus, cry, children, teacher, sell, buy, drink, clean

תרגול בנושאי הזמנים שנלמדו
ענה על המשפטים הבאים בחיוב שלילה ושאלה

1. Dan______________ (work) in the school every day.
(-) ___________________________________________.
2. Rossi and Dana_________ (eat) lunch at the moment.
(-) ____________________________________________.
3. They_________ (drive) to Tel-Aviv last week.
4. Rona _________ (fly) to Eilat next summer.
5. While my mother ___________ (sleep) the phone_(ring).

עבודה נעימה

Fill in the correct Passive

1. Dinner __________ (serve) in an hour.

2. Ben ________ (give) a job in a bank last week.

3. __________ (he\ arrest) by the police an hour ago?

4. The candies _____________ (not\eat) at the party tomorrow evening.

5. My car ___________ (sell) last night.

6. She _________ (drive) by her parents tomorrow.

7. Coffee and tea _____________ (not\ drink) by these people because they believe that these drinks are bad.

8. ________________ (Spanish \ teach) in Israel?

9. Those books __________ (not\ bring) to the library yesterday.

10. Glasses ____________________ (usually\ break) by careless people.

עבודה מהנה


Passive form of the Present Simple

1. A lot of money __________ (spend) on advertising every year.

2. The newspapers _________ (bring) to my house by the mailman every morning.

3. Arabic _________ (teach) in our school.

4. That film __________ (not show) on Wednesday.

5. A lot of books ________ (read) by pupils in my school every year.

6. The sound-track of a film ________ (add) after they finish the film.

7. Tourists ________ (give) an 18 % discount on everything they buy.

8. Eggs __________ (fry) in a frying pan.

9. Ice cream __________ (not make) by mixing salt and cream.

10. Wars_________ (fight) by armies.

עבודה מהנה

Passive form of the Past Simple

1. The apples ________ (eat) by Danny yesterday.

2. I_________ (invite) to a party a week ago.

3. Dan's leg ___________ (break) in the accident.

4. This sweater _______________ (not make) in Israel.

5. The money ___________ (keep) in a secret hiding place.

6. The pupils __________ (teach) by the new teacher.

7. I __________ (tell) nothing about this matter.

8. The movie __________ (see) by hundreds of pupils.

9. The new jet ________ (fly) an excellent pilot.

10. Our car _________ (steal) during the night.

עבודה מהנה

Passive form of the Future Simple

1. The university _______ (publish) the exam results next week.

2. I wonder who _________ (choose) as president in the next election.

3. Next year, teenagers from all over the country ________ (invite) to take part in the competition.

4. The letters _________ (deliver) tomorrow by the mailman.

5. The new law ___________ (not pass) tomorrow

6. A new clinic ____________ (build) here next year.

7. We ___________ (study) in grade 9 next year.

8. On Wednesday, a new secretary ______________ (interview) for the new job.

9. The air conditioner _________ (fix) by the technicians on Friday.

10. The dinner _________ (serve) tomorrow at 7:00 pm.

עבודה מהנה


Change the following sentences from active to passive

1. Sara usually prints the documents.


2. Oren opens the window when he wakes up.


3. I buy sports shoes once a year.


4. Mr. Cohen doesn't wash the car every Friday.


5. He seldom reads book.


6. We don't eat pizza every day.


7. Rayon doesn't close the shop at 7 p.m.


8. I throw away the litter every morning.


Active + Passive
ענה על המשפטים הבאים:

1. Danit ____________ (give) a lot of presents for her birthday last month.

2. A thief __________ (steal) Jane's purse last evening.

3. He __________ (bring) to school by the school bus every day.

4. The patient _________ (see) by the doctor in a few minutes.

5. Mike ________ (send) to France next year. I think he will enjoy it.

6. She ___________ (not \ clean) the classroom a week ago.

7. Frightening dreams ____________ (often\ dream) by young children.

8. The bridge __________ (build) 20 years ago.

9. The pupils ____________ (not \ throw) the papers on the floor a minutes.

10. __________________ (teacher\ plan) trips once a year?

עבודה מהנה


Fill in with : can, can't, should, shouldn't, could, couldn't,must,have to:

1. We _________ drink water from unknown places.

2. We _________ stop at red light.

3. We _________ come yesterday because we were busy.

4. We _________ brush our teeth every day.

5. We _________ comb our hair at the table.

6. Dan was late because he ________ remember the way to my house.

7. When you go to the army you __________ wear uniforms.

8. People ______ live without air.

9. __________ you open the window please?

10. in Israel, you __________ take an umbrella in summer.

עבודה מהנה


New York City

New York is the 1.________ (big) city in the United States. New York is not as 2.__________ (old) as London, England, but it is 3.__________ (big) than London.

New York has many 4._________ (tall) buildings. In fact, it has some of the 5.__________ (tall) buildings in the world. Many people live in
These buildings. Some of the 6._________ (rich) people in the world live in New York. Some of the 7._________ (poor) people in the world live there, too.

There is an 8.________ (large) park in the middle of New York City. It is called Central Park. Central Park is very 9._________ (big) and very 10.____________ (pretty). It is one of the 11.___________ (pretty) places in New York. There are always many people in Central Park.
There are 12._________ (young) people and 13. ___________ (old) people, 14. ________ (rich) people and 15._________ (poor) people.

New York is a very 16._________ (exciting) place to live. There are many 17. _____________ (beautiful) buildings and museums.
New York is also a 18. _________ (difficult) place to live.
It is one of the 19. ____________ (expensive) cities in the world.
It is even 20.__________ (expensive) than Tel-Aviv. It is also a 21.____________ (dangerous) city to live in. Many people are killed there every year.



תרגם בעזרת המילון את התארים הבאים:
Big –

Pretty –

Blue –

Cold –

Long –

Smelly –

Funny –

Exciting –

Young –

Short –


Huge –

Great –

                                                 Happy -




We have many animals in our class and at home.
 Let me tell you about some of them.
One boy, Yoel, has a snake. It is long and thin and green.
 It is not very nice, but it isn’t dangerous. It is in a cageכלוב. 

Two girls have cats. One cat is brown and white. The other cat is all     

Five pupils have dogs. Every dog is differentשונה in size and color.
But they are all good pets.  Seven pupils have small birds.
One boy has three canaries. The other six have parakeets. Three
children have fish.
 Rachel has an aquarium outside her garden, not inside her house.
 It is full of goldfish, snails and frogs. It is really very nice.
We also have animals in our classroom. We have little white mice
and brown hamsters.
 But they are in a cage – not all over the floor.
 The very best thing we have is a softרך, brown and white rabbit.
It's my favorite animal.
Its name is Rab Rabbit and I love to touch and pet it.
Our teacher has animals in her house, too.
She has a small dog, three birds and six monkeys. Monkeys? Oh!
There aren’t monkeys in her house! She has six children.
 But her children are "wild animals חיות בר" so she says she has
Our teacher is funny. She has a sense of humor חוש הומור.

כתבו את כל השמות של החיות מהסיפור
 Name the animals in this story

2. Fill in the correct animal

One boy has a ___________.
2 girls have _____________.
5 pupils have _____________.
7 pupils have _____________.
3 children have ____________.

Sports  Day

Today is a Sports Day at Avivim School.

Dan is playing football. He is wearing a red shirt and white shorts. He is in the boys’ team. Ronit is playing football, too. She is wearing a pink shirt and yellow shorts. She is at the girls’ team. The players are kicking the ball on the field. Look! The girls are winning the game. Ronit is kicking the ball into the net… goal!!!!
Motti is playing basketball. He is Maor’s father. The parents are the blues and the pupils are the greens. Maor is a good player he is throwing the ball into the basket.
Tomer is playing volleyball.
Galit is skipping with a rope and Gila is playing tennis with Hadas.
Ron and his father Eli are running.
All the children and the parents are playing and having fun.


Sports  Day

* Read each sentence and tick YES / NO. Correct the wrong sentences.

The Sports Day is at Ye’elim School

Dan has a green shirt

Ronit is playing football

Maor is Eli’s father

The girls are winning the football game

Hadas is playing tennis

Motti is a man. He is not a pupil

Galit is skipping  with a rope              

Maor is  a tennis player

There are parents at school


עבודה מהנה

Camp Fun
"Camp Fun" is an international camp in Israel. Linda wants to work at the camp.

Read her letter and fill in her form:

Camp Fun
17 Yaffo Street.
Haifa, Israel

Dear Camp Director,

My name is Linda Simms and I am 17 years old. I would like to work at your camp this summer. Although I was born and have always lived in America, I understand and speak Hebrew well because my mother has spoken to me Hebrew. I also learn Hebrew at school. I love working and playing with children. On Sunday, I coach a football team for 8 and 9 year old girls. I also babysit for many families in my neighborhood. I like to paint and I would be happy to paint with the kids at the camp.

I have always wanted to come to Israel because I have heard so much about the country. I have many relatives and friends there.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly

Linda Simms


1. _________                 _____________
    First name                 Last name

2. _________                 3. ______________
    Age                                 Country of Birth

4. Put  (v)  next to all languages that you know or that you study:

    Arabic ____         English ____     Hebrew _____    Russian ____

5. Have you ever worked with children?       no ___       yes____
    What kind of work have you done?

    a. _____________________________.

    b. _____________________________.

6. Circle the group you would like to lead.

   (1) art

   (2) music

   (3) folk dancing

   (4) drama

The Teenager New

On the first day of the school year, Jeannie woke up with a stomach-ache. She felt really sick and very weak. Today she was going to her "new" school, a half hour bus ride from her home.

It wasn't only the school that was new for Jeannie; it was the country, the Hebrew language ways of Israeli teenagers. When Jeannie arrived one hour too early, the school building looked large and unfriendly. She waited near the entrance. Pupils began arriving and pushing through the front door. They were screaming and shouting very loudly in Hebrew. Jeannie didn't understand a word. She tried asking a boy where she had to go, but he didn't understand English. She felt sick again.

Suddenly she heard a voice near her speaking in English.
"Are you new here?"  She turned around and saw a boy with very red hair and a friendly smile. He was tall and he wore a green shirt, the same color as his eyes.

"Yes, she answered in a whisper"

"Well, hi! My name is Guy. Come with me" Jeannie followed the boy to the school office. "Here you are. See you later"
He smiled again and left.

"Guy" thought Jeannie. "That's a nice name for a first friend. Maybe I will see him in class. Maybe I will even sit next to him……. Maybe this new school won't be so bad after all!"

The New Teenager

                                          1. Complete the following sentences:

- Jeannie felt bed on her first day of school because ___________________________________________.

- The school was new for Jeannie but also ___________________________________________.

- The friendly boy's name was _________________.

2. True or False

- Guy wore a black shirt _______.

- Jeannie felt great on her first day of school ______.

- At the end of the first day, Jeannie felt different ____.

- Jeannie met very friendly kids on her first day of school __________.

3. Which word doesn't belong?

- Shouting, screaming, pushing, hugging.

- Stomach, shoes, bags, papers.

- see, was, arrive, large.

קרא את הקטע הבא וענה על השאלות שלאחריו:

Mark Twain is one of the most popular American authors. His real name was Samuel Clemens and he lived from 1835 to 1910.
He wrote many books. His two most famous books are Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Both of these books are about boys growing up in a small town beside the Mississippi River. Samuel Clemens grew up in that kind of town. In these books, he wrote a lot about his own life as a boy.

When Clemens was a teenager, he left school and went to work as a printer. After that, he worked on a boat on the Mississippi River. In the 1860, Clemens went to California where he worked as a writer; he used the name Mark Twain instead of his real name. "Mark Twain" was an expression that he had learned while he was working on a boat on the Mississippi River. This expression meant that the water was deep enough for boats to pass safely.

Clemens became famous because people liked his books and stories very much.



1. When did Samuel Clemens die?

(1) 1835

(2) 1860

(3) 1910

(4) The text doesn't say.

2. Mark Twain and Samuel Clemens are the names of
(1) Two boys
(2) A father and his son
(3) Two friends
(4) The same man

3. The books Tom Sawyer and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are:

(1) Traveling by train in America
(2) Children in an American town
(3) Popular American writers
(4) Working on an American river boat

4. Another word in the text that means the same as author is _______________.

             Read this text and circle YES or NO.

             My friend Renate is a very nice person. She is American but lives in Peru.
 She is 12 years old and is very tall like her father. She loves cats. She has two cats. Their names are Minino and Tatin. Minino has two beautiful blue eyes and a long tail.
Tatin has green eyes. They are both small because they are babies.

Renate likes listening to music, so she has lots of CDs. 
 Her little sister Marietta likes listening to music too. Renate's favourite subject at school is Maths. She’s very good at it. She likes numbers. She’s not very good at Music but she likes playing the guitar. Her mother has a new guitar and sometimes Renate likes to play it.

They are four in her family and they are all very happy. Renate and Marietta are students.
Their father, Manuel is a doctor and their mother, Sylvia is a teacher.

1.      Renate is from Peru.                                         YES                 NO
2.      Renate is from the United States.                      YES                 NO
3.      Renate's father is very tall.                                YES                 NO
4.      She has cats.                                                   YES                 NO
5.      Minino is a dog and Tatin is a cat                       YES                NO
6.      Minino has blue eyes.                                        YES                NO
7.      Minino has a short tail.                                       YES                NO
8.      Tatin is a big cat.                                              YES                 NO
9.      Marietta is Renate's mother.                              YES                NO
10.   Renate doesn't have any CDs.                           YES                 NO
11.   Marietta is Manuel and Sylvia´s daughter.           YES                 NO
12.   Renate's mother has a car.                                  YES                 NO
13.   Renate's father is a policeman.                           YES                 NO
14.   Renate has a brother.                                        YES                 NO


קראו את המידע וענו על השאלות:

Chiang Mai Flower Festival
Every year, on February, there is a special festival in Chiang Mai in Thailand. It is the Chiang Mai Flower Festival. You can go on the streets  buildings and see people, animals and they are all made out of flowers.
There is a big parade and the visitors go down the street and take pictures.

Answer YES / NO
1. The Chiang Mai Flower Festival is in England  _______
2. There are flowers in the festival   _______
3. There are animals in the festival   _______
4. People take pictures  _________
The Samba Parade

Every year, on February, there is a big carnival in Rio, Brazil. People come for four days to Brazil. The Samba School Parade in Rio is wonderful. It starts at 9 p.m. and ends at 7 a.m. the next day.
 People wear costumes /תלבושת/and masks.
They sing, dance and play music.
The Samba Parade is not free, if you want to go – buy a ticket/ כרטיס/!

1.    When is the carnival? ______________________________
2.    Where is it? _____________________________________
3.    How long is it? ____________________________________
4.    When does the Samba School Parade start? ______________
5.    What can people do in the parade? _____________________

השלימו את הטבלה:



   Hi. My name is Jeremy. I live in Barcelona, in Spain. I am twelve years old. I like listening to music and playing football. I can play the guitar and I can run very fast. My favorite friend is Kevin. He is twelve years old too but he doesn’t like listening music or playing football. He likes playing tennis and writing. He can play tennis very well and he can write short stories.

   Also, I have got a sister. Her name is Brenda. She is good at swimming. She can swim very well and she can also dance very well. I play the guitar and she dances at home. We have an enjoyable time.
 e works hard in the school e works hard in the le7575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575757575
A. Answer the questions according to the text.

15. What does Jeremy like?

16. What can Jeremy do?

17. Can Kevin write short stories?

18. Does Kevin like listening to music?

19. What can Brenda do?

20. Can Brenda dance?

B. Write Yes or No.

  1. Jeremy likes swimming.                      _____________
  2. Kevin likes playing football.                 _____________
  3. Kevin can write short stories.              _____________
  4. Brenda can swim very well.                 ____________


1. כתבו כל מקום בעברית
bank                       __________        police station         __________
post office             __________        cinema                   __________
sports center         __________        school                    __________
jeans shop             __________        restaurant             __________
supermarket                   __________        train station          __________
library                   __________        hospital                  __________
mall                        __________        car park                 __________
bus stop                 __________        coffee shop                     __________
airport                   _________           swimming pool         ___________
museum                  ___________        store/shop           ___________       
playground             ___________       schoolyard               ___________
2. כתבו איפה (באיזה מקום) אפשר למצוא את הפריטים הבאים:

1. postman, letters           _______________
2. jacket, trousers           _______________
3. popcorn, movie             _______________
4. doctor, nurse               _______________
5. teacher, pupils'            _______________
6. books, librarian            _______________
7. trees, grass                 _______________
8. vans, lorries, cars        _______________
9. thief, police officer     _______________

3. השלימו את המשפטים, היעזרו במחסן המיליםתיבת טקסט: music shop, candy shop, clothes shop, pet shop, poster shop, sports shop


Mickey Mouse if having a birthday party! 

Come to my birthday!
Date: Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Place: Mickey’s house, Disneyland, California, U.S.A.
Time: 2:00 pm
See you at my party!

What text is this?
Who is Mickey Mouse?
Where is the party?
When is the party?
Why is Mickey Mouse having a party?

The Clever Fox

Once a fox saw a fat black crow sitting on a tree.
The crow had a nice, big piece of cheese in its beak.
The fox was very hungry. He wanted the cheese, but could not take it. So the clever fox said to the crow:
"Dear beautiful crow. You have beautiful eyes and I know you can sing. You have a sweet voice. Please sing me."
The foolish crow was pleased. It sang "Craw, Craw."
The cheese fell down. The fox had a nice piece of cheese for dinner.

Answer the questions

1. Where was the crow sitting?


2. Who saw the crow?


3. Who was hungry?


4. Who wanted the cheese?


5. What is the lesson?

עבודה מהנה

What a Mess!
תרגם את מילות היחס:
                                                              1. in-
2. on-
3. Near-
4. next to-
5. under-
6. behind-
7. in front of-
8. between-

קרא את הסיפור וסמן את מילות היחס

I can't find my English books; my room is such a mess.
There are shoes under the table and socks on the shelf.
The schoolbag is behind the bed my pens are in a box and the box is between the telephone and the football. There are magazines on my bed. There is an apple near the T.V MY red T- shirt is behind the Television. There are two umbrellas under my desk. Oh no! Where is my cat? It is in the cupboard. What a mess! Help!
Answer the questions:
1. Where are the English books?
2. Where are the pens?
3. Where is the apple?
4. Where are the two umbrellas?
5. Where is the cat?

עבודה מהנה


The City of New York

New York is one of the most exciting cities in the world. You will see things that will make you think it's a wonderful place to live. If you're careful and think a lot about what you're doing, you will have an enjoyable time. I want you to learn a little about the city before you go, so please read this carefully.

The city is divided into five parts, called boroughs. The most famous borough is Manhattan because that's where all the businesses and tall buildings are. These tall buildings are called "skyscrapers" because they seem to touch the sky. Manhattan is really an island and has water all around it.

The first white people who came to New York came from Holland in 1624. They bought the island from the Indians who lived there for only $24! The name Manhattan is really an Indian name- it means 'island of hills'.

New York has many interesting things to do and you will have time to be tourists, too. There are many interesting places you can visit. My advice is to buy a guidebook about the city. I think it's a good idea for you to visit the United Nations. People from countries all over the world talk about their problems there and hope to find peace.

You will see beautiful clothing and rich people. You will see the bright lights of Broadway. But you will also see very poor people who have no homes. There homeless people sleep on sidewalks and in train stations. They carry everything they own in shopping bags. You are going to visit schools in New York City. Some of the teenagers you meet will be Jewish, but many they won't be.
The City of New York

A. Complete and answer the questions:

1. New York City is a wonderful place to live but ___________________________________________.
2. New York is divided into _______ boroughs.
3. What do you know about Manhattan? Write THREE things
4. In New York you can see ___________________ and also ______________________________________.
5. What is the writer's advice?
6. What are the kinds of people that live in New York?
7. What is the meaning of name Manhattan?
8. Who are the first people that came to New York?

עבודה מהנה

Questions in Bagrut
לפניך סוגי שאלות נפוצים שמופיעים בשאלון הבגרות.
תרגם את השאלות הבאות :

1. Complete the sentence according to lines 1-3?

2. Circle the correct answer. Yes or No?

3. Give TWO examples:

4. Put an x by the TWO correct answers.

5. Name TWO ways….

6. What is the meaning of the word…….

7. Fill in the missing information ……

8. Fill in the missing information in the table below

9. Name TWO things ……

10. Give ONE reason…..
עבודה מהנה



עליך לרשום ליד כול כינוי גוף את פירושו:
1. He-
2. She-
3. I-
4. We-
5. They-
6. It-
7. You-
מיין את אוצר המילים שבטבלה שמתחת:

 door, books, Dana, Dana and I, pencil, banana, Tamar, Tomer and Yossi, Yossi and I, Rona , Galit, Moshe and Aviv , Offer , chair , tables, Gal and I,



(+) (-) (?)

1. Daniel ___ a good boy.
(-) __________________.
(?) __________________?

2. We ___ a very big family.
(-) _____________________.
(?) _____________________?

3. I ___ a teacher.
(-) _____________.
(?) ______________?

4. Rona and Yossi ____ brother and sister.
(-) ________________________________.
(?) ________________________________?

5. Yafit ____ a nurse.
(-) _______________.
                                (?) _______________?



Present Progressive  
(+) (-) (?)

1. We _________ (play) football at the moment.
(-) ____________________________________.
(?) ____________________________________?

2. Tal _________ (bake) a cake now.
(-) ____________________________.
(?) ____________________________?

3. Dona and Avi ________ (fly) to USA this year.
(-) _____________________________________.
(?) _____________________________________?

4. They __________ (clean) the car now.
(-) ______________________________.
(?) ______________________________?

5. My dog ________ (drink) milk now.
(-) ___________________________.
(?) ___________________________?




Present Simple
(+) (-) (?)

1. Aviv _______ (read) a book every week.
(-) __________________________.
(?) __________________________?

2. We _______ (run) to school every day.
(-) _______________________________.
(?) _______________________________?

3. I ______ (study) English once a week.
(-) ______________________________.
(?) ______________________________?

4. Ronen _______ (sleep) late every night.
(-) _______________________________.
(?) _______________________________?

5. Tammy and Yoram ______ (drive) to Tel-Aviv every morning.
(-) ____________________________________.
(?) ____________________________________?


Past Simple
(+) (-) (?)

1. We ________ (buy) a new car last week.
(-) ________________________________.
(?) ________________________________?

2. They _______ (fly) to Eilat last summer.
(-) _________________________________.
(?) _________________________________?

3. I _______ (clean) my room last week.
(-) _______________________________.
(?) _______________________________?

4. Tal _______ (eat) lunch with Dana last week.
(-) _____________________________________.
(?) _____________________________________?

5. My cat ________ (sleep) all day yesterday.
(-) __________________________.
(?) __________________________?



Future Simple
(+) (-) (?)

1. Yoav __________ (fly) to USA next year.
(-) _________________________________.
(?) _________________________________?

2. We ___________ (buy) a new car next year.
(-) ___________________________________.
(?) ___________________________________?

3. My family ________ (meet) at the restaurant tomorrow.
(-) ____________________________________.
(?) ____________________________________?

4. Smadar _________ (write) the letter tomorrow.
(-) _____________________________________.
(?) _____________________________________?

5. My teacher _________ (give) me a test next week.
(-) _____________________________________.
(?) _____________________________________?



Past Progressive
(+) (-) (?)

1. While my mother __________ (sleep) Dan _____ (knock) at the door.

2. Tamar _________ (do) her H.W at 21:00 last night.

3. While Daniel _________ (clean) her room, Tamar ___________ (watch) a new movie.

4. As Ronit ___________ (eat) lunch, her mom ___________ (sleep).

5. While my baby __________ (cry), Daniel ___________ (do) his H.W.



רשום מתוך הטבלה לפחות 6 משפטים מזמני הדקדוק שלמדתה:












Last week

















1. _____________________________________.

2. _____________________________________.

3. _____________________________________.

4. _____________________________________.

5. _____________________________________.

6. _____________________________________.


תרגם את משפטי השאלה הבאים לעברית:

1. Circle the correct answer

2. Complete the sentence

3. Give TWO examples

4. Why does the baby cry every night?

5. What is the meaning of the word ……?

6. Fill in the missing information in the table below.

7. Name TWO things……



תרגם את המילים לאנגלית בעזרת המילון :



מבדק התאמה באנגלית

לפניך מבדק להתאמת רמה.

מבחן זה בנוי מהרמה הבסיסית ועד לרמת מתקדמים.
בעזרת מבדק זה נוכל לדעת מהי רמתך באנגלית כדי  שנוכל לשבץ אותך ולייעד אותך לרמה  המתאימה לך.


א. קריאה
    קריאה קולית

·        קרא את הצירופים הבאים

 Cat, big, big, go, no, yes, Dan, America, hat, dog, good

·       קרא ותרגם:

                                                                                   Apple: __________

Dog: __________

Good: _____________

Bad: ______________

Yes: ________________

Good girl: ______________

Thank you: ______________

·       קרא את המשפטים ותרגם:

1) I am hungry: ________________________
2) She is my friend: ______________________
3) I don't have a dog: ______________________
4) This is my book: ______________________
5) Let's go home: ________________________

·       קרא את הקטע הבא וענה על השאלות שלאחריו:

Rami is a cook. He cooks the food in a restaurant in Tel-Aviv.
Rami gets up at 5; 00 o'clock every morning and starts working at 6:00.
He makes breakfast until 11; 00 o'clock and lunch until 3; 00. At 4:00 0`clock in the afternoon Rami goes home to his family. He has a wife and three sons. In the evening, he has dinner with his family at around 8:00 o'clock, and he goes to bed at 9:00. He must go to bed early because he gets up early every morning.

ענה על השאלות:

1) What is Rami`s job? __________________________________.

2) Where does he work? _________________________________.

3) How many children do Rami have?  _____________________.

4) Why does he go to bed early? ___________________________.

. קרא את הקטע הבא וענה על השאלות באנגלית:

Ben is a high school student.
He likes football and music. He listens to music every night.
He plays basketball in the summer only, when it does not rain; He plays three times a week in June, July and the month of August.
                                   That why summer is his favorite time of the year.

    ענה על השאלות :

                           1) Who is the story about? _____________________.
2) What does Ben like (two things)? ________________________.
3) Which time of year does he like best? _____________________.
4) Why does he like summer? __________________________.


השלם את המשפטים:

My name is ____________________
I live in the city of _________________
I am _____ years old.
On T.V I love watching ____________________
The color of eyes is ____________________

העתק את המשפט הבא:
My hobby is watching basketball on T.V. every weekend.

כתיבה חופשית:

כתוב בין 10-8 משפטים על אחד מהנושאים הבאים:
·       תוכנית טלוויזיה שאתה אוהב.
·       מוסיקה שאתה אוהב.
·       סדר היום שלך.

                                                  עבודה מהנה