Saturday, May 9, 2020

Some messages

  • I just want to say that you all have been an inspiration to me. I have loved having the opportunity to be your teacher and I know that you have an awesome future ahead of you. I will really miss you 💖
  • This year I had the best English classes I have ever had!! I learned a lot about the language and about different topics we discussed about with it. You are a very special and unique teacher Howard, and an amazing person! I honestly feel that our discussions and debates took my Engligh to the next level. Thank you a lot Howard!
  • Hello howard, an influencial teacher and a beautiful character. I have to admit, your english lessons arent "the regular" By the book english lessons. You, our english teacher, had rased the most troubeling questions in our life, you werent afraid to jump in the cold water. I enjoyed your style and your teaching habits, we as students always felt cared for and its priceless. Thank you for an amazing year full of wonders! We love you as a teacher and as a person, 
  • You are the most special English teacher I ever had, thank you for a wonderful year! You made this year way better. I enjoy talking with you and it always very interesting.. You were very inspiring for me, and good luck in with what you do next I hope you inspire more people. I will miss your classes.
  • I loved to learn English with you, Howard. It was something different and much more interesting, than all the English lessons, that I've had in my life. I didn't know, that I can read books, write stories and poems in English, before I met you. Thank you for this year!) 
  • I’ve had an amazing time learning English with you Howard. In each and every lesson I’ve learned something new. , when we first started 10 th grade I was really really nervous about studying English, and I was a bit shy to talk in English in front of the whole class, but you turned it into something fun and amazing, and during every week Ive waited for our lessons. Thank you so much Howard, For being the best teacher I could ever ask for. And for being there for each and every single one of us when we need you. Thank you for the amazing experiences and amazing lessons .
  • It was great learning with you. You where a great teacher and a great friend! I will miss you. sincerely,