Monday, January 1, 2001

TOEIC links

The TOEIC Game Enough studying how about some fun.
TOEIC Nuances: listen to computerized voices in this interactive TOEIC quiz. American/Canadian, British and Australian voices are imitated!
The Fake TOEICneither endorsed nor approved by anyone!Ten Pictures Ten Questions
Pictures move, pages speak inThe Magical TOEIC
Test Of Enchantment, Incantation, & Charms

Reading :
questions  101-110 Teacher's notes
questions  111-120 Teacher's notes 
questions 121-130
 Teacher's notes
questions 131-140 Teacher's notes
questions 141-150 Teacher's notes
questions 151-160 Teacher's notes
questions 161-170 Teacher's notes
questions 171-180 Teacher's notes
questions 181-190
questions 191-200
Thess are fairly good copies of a typical TOEIC test. However,
it has been plunked down in the world of fantasy particularly that of Harry Potter.
A lot of people ask: "How long does it take to improve my score?" This site seems to answer that question.
1) 10 Sites for Successful TOEIC Listening and Reading Preparation