Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Research Project Assessment

Research Project
Required Components

  1. Cover page ____________________________________________________
  2. Table of Contents_______________________________________________
  3. An Introduction
    1. Purpose of project (what do I want to achieve when writing)________
    2. Reasons for choosing the topic (rationale) ______________________
    3. Methods of research (articles, questionnaire, interview)____________
    4. A brief Summary of each research question_____________________
  4. Body – a presentation of three (3) essential research questions, a discussion of  
      them. Relating to at least one expert opinion and referring back to it.
  1. A conclusion
    1. A general concluding statement in reference to the topic____________
    2. A brief summary of each of the research questions________________
    3. A summary of articles, questionnaire, interview___________________
    4. Your personal opinion on the topic_____________________________
    5. A reference to the process of writing (How was working in a group, did you learn other related skills)______________________________
    6.  What  would you have changed or done differently if you had been given a chance.)___________________________________________
  2. A bibliography _________________________________________________
  3. An Appendix___________________________________________________
Criteria for Assessing the Written Presentation
Content                          35  points
Structure                         25 points
Sources                           10 points
Language                        20 points
Effort, Process of work  10  points