Wednesday, September 28, 2016

10th & 11th grade grammar

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Summer's reading summative powerpoint from Ella Seltzer

Complete the sentences with a suitable linking word.

BEFORE        AFTER       WHEN     AS SOON AS     SO

  1. _________ the bad weather they went hiking in the mountains.
  2. __________ he got her message he jumped into his car _______ drove to the airport.
  1. __________ she was taking a nap her mother went shopping.
  2. ________ he got a bad mark in English he went partying at the weekend.
  3. She studied very hard _________ impress her boyfriend.
  4. ________ he got married he had lived on his own.
  5. We got up early _______ we could catch the first bus to the beach.
  6. ________ working very hard in the office he never got promoted.
  7. It was a great day. The sun was shining _____ the birds were singing.
  8. ________ she had made the bed she brushed her teeth.
  9. It is such a cold day. _______, the weather forecast for tomorrow is more promising.
  10. I’d like to go to England ______ I could visit Stonehenge.
  11. He failed his final exam ______ never gave up the hope of becoming an English teacher one day.
  12. ________ she saw him she fell in love with him. It was love at first sight.
  13. ___________ they got back from the theatre they realised that they had left their gloves in the cloakroom.
  14. _______ the global economic crisis their business was booming.
  15. I was really tired ________ I decided to go to bed early.
  16. She prepared his favourite meal _________ please him.
  17. ______ she was tired she decided to do some more housework.
  18. It was late at night. ___, he didn’t feel like going to bed just yet.
  19. ________ being world number one she finished third in the tournament.
  20. He did all his homework on Friday afternoon _______ he could go partying at the weekend.
  21. I was absolutely green with envy _________ I saw their new Audi 6.
  22. I got an urgent call ________ I was having lunch.
  23. ________ seeing her boyfriend she chatted with her friends on msn.
  24. ________ his lack of work experience he got the job.
  25. We were devastated ________ we heard his story.
  26. ________ the accident he used to run 10 km a day.