Monday, February 1, 2010

Vocabulary for 4 & 5 pts. Bagrut

  1. Memrise
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  3. Vocabulary - 4 / 5 pts Bagtrut
  4. אוצר מילים באנגלית ,4 5 יחידות
  5. אוצר מילים באנגלית ,4 5 יחידות
  6. English 4 & 5 Points
How to Write a For & Against Essay Things To Remember
 1. Separate Your Paragraphs. Remember to skip a line between each paragraph in order to keep your essay organized, neat and easy to read. 
2. Do NOT state your opinion at the beginning. You can state your opinion at the end of the essay if the question asks for it or says that you may do so. 
3. Don’t repeat your argument Make sure that each of your arguments is distinct and different from the others. Make sure that you have two arguments for (advantages) and two arguments against (disadvantages). 
4. Provide Examples You must provide examples to support your arguments. 
5. Use Connectors The second, third and fourth paragraph should each start with a connector. You should use additional connectors throughout the essay as well. It’s a well known fact that today’s teenagers spend a lot of time watching television. As a result, there is growing concern about the influence of television. 
  • Introduction  
  • Introduce your topic 
On the one hand, many people believe television viewing can be harmful. They claim that repeatedly watching violence on TV has a negative effect on many teens and can cause violent behavior. Moreover, they worry that some teens spend more time watching television than socializing with their friends. 

  • Disadvantages 
  • Causes violence 
No time to socialize On the other hand, adolescents can learn a great deal from television. For example, there are educational programs about a wide variety of topics; from the environment to technology. In addition, there are programs especially for teenagers that deal with important issues such as friendship, trust and drugs. Such programs can help teenagers understand these issues better. 
  • Advantages  
  • Educational  
Addresses teen issues In conclusion, although violence on TV or watching too much TV may be harmful, I believe that the benefits of television are greater than any harm it might cause. 
  • Conclusion  
  • Add concluding comments 
  • State your opinion if asked