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Learn Cooking Verbs in English - ESL Buzz
Some different ways to cook 
   Remove the outer covering from a fruit, vegetable.
   Cut a thicker piece of food into slices.
   Rub food against a grater so it is cut it into a lot of small pieces.
   Pour the milk, water ext. into the bowl
   Combine food / liquid together so it becomes one.
   A utensil needed for whipping eggs or cream. very quickly
   Heat a liquid until it boils.
   Cook food in a very hot oil.
   Rolling pin used for making pastry flat and making cake shapes.   
   Move a spoon around in a pan in a circle.
   Liquid or food just below boiling point and bubbling gently.        
   Cook an egg in or over boiling water. Fish can also be poached.
   Cook food without a flame, in an oven.
   Cook meat a long time an oven or over a fire
  Grill / BBQ
   Cook food over or under heat on a metal bar or flame - usually outside
   To heat until the solid becomes liquid
   Move a spoon around in a liquid  in order to mix it.
   Food that can  be spread with a knife onto bread.
   to eat or drink a little of what you cook

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