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Murder on the Orient Express - Audio

The BUSINESS page has links to online practice, exercises, presentations and slide-shows on the subjects of: Meetings, emails, negotiations, travel, presentations and a lot more ... 
The IELTS and TOEFL pages have free online practice, preparation, tips and information about the tests. 
If there are enough of you interested I will be happy to arrange online SKYPE seminars (groups of 10 people) to show you the website and the links, exercises and presentations and also offer suggestions of how to use them in training programs or just how to practice individually. 
 A 50 minute seminar of 10 people will cost 35 euro + VAT per person (payment through paypal). 
 An individual training session costs 50 euro + VAT. 

I will allow limited free access to the web page for 2 weeks from the date I receive your message with your gmail. 

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