Monday, September 5, 2016

All My Sons

'All My Sons' Pre-activities from Senem Öz

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All My Sons from Ryan Mayfield Productions on Vimeo.
All my sons - glossary

  1. 1. All My Sons - Glossary of key Terms (created by year 13 class) ________________________________________________ Imagery Simile Simile - a figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind.  “The wind… It was like the roaring of his engine” (Kate talking about the storm, Act 1)  “..they’re cracked as coconuts.” (Jim talking about his patients, Act 3, p.73)  “..he was crying like a child.” (Kate about Joe,Act 3, p.74) 
  2. All My Sons- Larry’s tree 'She was standing right here when it cracked'- Chris 
  3.  All My sons- ‘I went to work with Dad, and that rat race again”- Chris  “What ice doesthat cut?” (Joe to Kate,Act3, p.76) 
  4. Repeatedimage/idea–the characters references to ‘hearts’ in ‘All MySons’ 
  5. George’s character in All My Sons uses many interrogatives when approaching Chris and Keller. This represents him as a character which is unsure of the situation surrounding him. In addition to that, George believes he knows what is right, and that Keller did send out the faulty parts, this represents to the audience that the questions George is asking, he already knows the answers to. For example “Or are you afraid of the answer”, “Annie, why isn’t his name on it?” and “What’d expect him to think of you?” Tragic Flaw - the character defect that causes the downfall of the protagonist of a tragedy. Joe’s pride? 
  6. All My Sons – On page 14, Chris uses the pronoun ‘she’ which represents his as showing a lack of emotion towards the character. For example “She will come over here and beat your brains out”, “She saw it”, “She was out here when it broke”. Turn Taking - refers to the process by which people in a conversation decide who is to speak next. 
  7. Foreshadowing Something which gives an idea of what is to come later on in the play “I’m his father and he’s myson, and if there’s something bigger than that I’ll put a bulletinmy head.” 
  8. Protagonist The leading character Joe Keller 
  9. Emotive language The deliberate choice of wordsto elicit emotion “Yes sir.Larry. That was a boywe lost. Larry. Larry.” 
  10. A key moment within the play is at the end of Act One when she says “Corrupt my children…! Poison my home? It’s not true! It could never, never be true!” when she is alone. This use of monologue represents the turning point that this scene holds. In All My Sons, it is typical of Kate’s language to consist of large monologues, both when she is alone and also when she is around others. I believe she does this so as to distract herself from the truth, it makes her day-to-day life seem more surreal as if she is convincing herself that Larry is still alive. For example of page 20, she is describing her dream about Larry’s tree in great detail and gets absorbed into this imagination. However, towards the end of the play, it is Joe Keller’s speech that begins to consist of monologues more, and this may be because he is trying to justify his crime and defend himself against George and his son and from the truth. He is desperately trying to convince not only those around him but also himself that he is not a guilty man.
  11. Verb Definition: In All My Sons, Chris’ speech consists of lots of verbs e.g. “talking”, “accomplish” and “waiting”. And this is because he is ready to move on from Larry’s death and he wishes that his family will forget and move on also so that he can get married to Ann. Therefore his speech is very practical and based on actions. 
  12. Reactive Definition:  In All My Sons, Joe is a fairly reactive character – he never creates the situations but is obliged to react. Such as when Chris proposes to Ann and asks for his permission or when George accuses himof murder etc. This is because I think he wants to leave the past in the past and so instead of creating these situations he attempts to diffuse them. Filler Definition: a pause or hesitation in speech indicating spontaneous speech 
  13. Mood is referred to as the atmosphere of a literary piece, as it creates an emotional situation that surrounds the readers. Mood is developed in a literary piece through various methods. It can be developed through setting, theme, tone and diction. Joe’s soliloquy on page 32. Which can be interpreted as a monologue to himself to reinforce that sending off the faulty airplane cylinders was the right thing to do, to try and the rid the guilt he evidently feels. Noun- used to identify any object, places, or things common, All My Sons “Columbus” these are examples of proper nouns. Provocative- Provocative language is when anger or other strong reaction is caused deliberately. This is used as a form of heightened language to raise the tensions within the two plays. 
  14. An example of provocative language used in All My Sons, is George’s provocative declarative to raise the tension within the play; “Because his Father destroyed your Family” Discourse Marker- Discourse Markers are used to shape the direction of the conversation. Which are used through particles such as – so, well, you know, actually, I mean. An example of Discourse Markers conveyed by Miller in All My Sons is “Well, No one told me it was Labor Day” Chris Keller. Register- Register helps to indicate the degree of formality in language use. 
  15. In Comparison, to All My Sons where Miller projects the register of a dialect typical to Mid- Western families in 1940’s America exemplified through “I aint Clever” Joe Keller. Climax- The point of the story where the protagonist’s life is dramatically changed. All My Sons- 'He hasn’t been laid up in 15 years' All My Sons- 'Honorable profession'- Frank  All My Sons- 'Larry, Larry'- Chris repeats Larry’s name to try and reinforce the fact that he’s dead.   All My Sons- 'What the hell is the matter with you?'- Keller A Dolls House- 'And leave your home, your husband and your Children?'  All My Sons- 'Every Sunday ought to be like this'- Frank 
  16. In All My Sons Irony is used when the apple tree falls down.Kellersays,"He’d been 27 this month.And histree blows down."Ironic how it means so little to Keller.He reads the newspaper while saying,"Isn't it awful? The wind must've got it last night.You heard the wind, didn't you?"The falling symbolises that Larry is indeed missing or dead.