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Learn English with movies and series

Movies can teach you to speak real English naturally.  However, to learn with movies you must use the correct technique.  Many teachers and students try to learn by simply watching movies and TV shows.  Just watching movies is ineffective because you won’t understand most of what you hear and you will not learn deeply. 
One method is to study and practice each scene of a movie– learning it deeply before moving on to the next scene.  The goal of the movie technique is to learn and remember, so you never forget what you have learned.


When you learn English with movies or series, you learn English used by native speakers.  In movies, you’ll hear natural pronunciation, everyday vocabulary, spoken grammar, common idioms, and slang.  Even better, you will learn these from interesting and emotional stories.  Movies (and series) are a powerful way to improve your English with the added benefit that you are having a good time.
Yes, maybe you will work slowly through a movie.  Your first movie might take a long time.  However, as you continue you will learn faster and faster.  Keep going and you will find that not only can you really enjoy the movie or series but really improve your English!

A schedule TO help you to LEARN ENGLISH WITH MOVIES & series.

Day 1. Watch 2-3 minutes scene with English subtitles. Do it 4-5 times for this day.
Day 2. Watch the same scene without subtitles.  Watch the scene 4-5 times.
Day 3. Watch the same scene, pause after each sentence, and repeat after the actors.  Copy their pronunciation.
Day 4.  “Track” or “shadow” the same scene.  Speak with the actors at the same time, no pausing. Copy their pronunciation. Use English subtitles if needed.
5. “Track” or “shadow” without subtitles and copy the pronunciation, emotions and movements of the actors.
6.You can also try to use the same scene and record your voice as you “track” or “shadow” the movie or episode.  Then listen to your recording and compare your voice recording to the way the actors speak.

Learn English with Series

Learn English with Harry Potter

How to Talk About Movies in English - 

QUIZ: Talking About Films

  1. Di Caprio
  1. Film Quiz
  1. To the movies

How to Talk about Movies with this helpful guide.

Type of Films

If you want to Talk about Movies, you need to learn more about the basic movie genres

Type of FilmCharacteristics
Horror FilmsMovies with monsters
Action FilmsMovies with battle, fights and stunts
Sci-Fi MoviesStories set in the future or out of space
Family Movies Films for children and adults
Martial Arts FilmsMovies about MMA fighters
Adventure FilmsMovies that take place in exotic places
ComediesMovies intended to make laugh
Romantic FilmsMovies about love stories
DocumentariesFilms about real life stories
Animated FilmsThese are usually cartoons
Super Hero MoviesFilms about heroes from comic books
DramaMovies about sad and difficult situations

Movie Terms

These are some movie that will help you go deeper in this topic.

  1. Script: something written by hand
  2. Stunt Man:  a stand-in for movie stars to perform dangerous stunts
  3. Soundtrack: songs included in a film
  4. Actor: a performer in theater, television, or film
  5. Producer: someone who finances and supervises the making of a show
  6. Director: The person who directs the making of a film
  7. Special effect: an effect used to produce scenes that cannot be achieved by normal techniques
  8. Blooper: an embarrassing mistake
  9. Box office: the office where tickets of admission are sold
  10. Cast: assign the roles of (a movie or a play) to actors
  11. Critic: a person engaged in the analysis and interpretation of art
  12. Flashback: a transition in a story to an earlier event or scene
  13.  Sequel: a part added to a book or film that continues and extends it
  14. Cameraman: a photographer who operates a movie camera
  15. Premiere: the first public performance of a play or movie

Questions to Talk about Movies

These are some common questions that you can ask when you are talking about movies.

Movies in General

  1. What’s your favorite movie?
  2. What’s your favorite horror movie?
  3. What kind of movies do you like?
  4. What’s your favorite drama film?
  5. What do you think about super hero movies?
  6. What’s your favorite actor or actress?
  7. Which horror movie is the scariest? Why?
  8. Do you like independent films?
  9. What movies are you looking forward to watching?

A Movie in Specific

  1. What do you think about the main character?
  2. Did you like the ending? What would you change?
  3. Would you recommend that movie?

Where to Watch Movies

  1. Do you have Netflix or any other streaming app?
  2. Have you ever tried HBO go?
  3. How often do you go to the movie theater?
  4. When was the last time that you went to movie theater?

For more English conversation questions about movies, check this post

Phrases to Use When you Like a movie

One of the most common questions asked after you watch a movie is how the movie was:

These are some of the phrases that people use when they consider a movie live up to their expectation

  1. There are great things about this film.
  2. Perhaps the best special effects I’ve ever seen in a movie.
  3. The sound effects complement the action perfectly.
  4. The movie is funnier than most good comedies
  5. I was totally blown away by this film.
  6. This horror movie is a masterpiece.
  7. Without a doubt one of the most influential films of all time
  8. This film should be remembered throughout history
  9. The movie is full of twists and surprises
  10. The documentary was informative
  11. I love how the film explores controversial topics.

Phrases to Use When you don’t like a movie

  1. The dialogue is terrible.
  2. The film is overrated
  3. The movie was boring.
  4. This movie adaptation was a real letdown.
  5. The plot is very complex.
  6. The movie is quite predictable.
  7. No part of this movie made sense.
  8. One of the most stupid, senseless and ridiculous movies I have ever watched