Friday, December 1, 2000



  1. Ministry of Education: COBE
  2. Rubrics - pdf download
  3. COBE Preparation Workbook  pdf
  4. COBE Practice 1 Worksheet
  5. Oral Bagrut Practice (COBE) Worksheet
  6. COBE - New Oral Bagrut
  7. Suggested Technological Guidelines COBE 2021
  8. Sample COBE
  9. COBEGuidelines.pdf
  10. COBE exam vocabulary exercises

12th grade – Have students prepare any topics that you haven’t yet covered and that appear in the Table of Specifications updated for the year in which they are taking the exam. Work at a pace of 4-8 topics a month, so that you can finish this section of the COBE fairly early in the year and then go on to the other sections of the COBE (project questions + video clip). If you have time, go over the vocabulary in class, but have students practice answering the questions at home (since there is so much to do and so little time to do it in 12th grade…). Periodically (after finishing 10 topics, once a month, etc.) test students orally on all the topics you have covered from the beginning of the year or even from the beginning of 11th grade.

And here are the free, photocopiable materials (vocabulary + practice questions) that you can use to prepare your students for the first section of the COBE – with both basic and more advanced vocabulary, these are suitable for both four- and five-point students:

Note that the topics are not listed in alphabetical order as they appear in the Table of Specifications, but rather as we arranged from simpler to more complex.

Topic 1 – My Hometown

Topic 2 – School

Topic 3 – Hobbies + Habits and Routines

Topic 4 – Free-Time Activities

Topic 5 – Favorite Books and Movies

Topic 6 – Vacations

Topic 7 – Future Plans

Topic 8 – Volunteering

Topic 9 – Animals

Topic 10 – Food

Topic 11 – Friendship

Topic 12 – Holidays and Customs

Topic 13 – Music

Topic 14 – Personal Belongings

Topic 15 – Sports

Topic 16 – Games

Topic 17 – Languages

Topic 18 – Fame and Celebrities

Topic 19 – Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Topic 20 – Role Models

Topic 21 – Professional Ambitions

Topic 22 – Reflection on Personal Experiences

Topic 23 – Education

Topic 24 – Suggesting Individual and Community Change

Topic 25 – Health

Topic 26 – Technology

Topic 27 – Transportation

Topic 28 – Advertising

Topic 29 – Respect