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Debate Topics

Be it Resolved that…

Science and Technology

1.  computer literacy replace the traditional subjects in high schools.
2.  computerized teaching aids be banned from the classroom.
3.  computerization increases job opportunities for Israelis.
4.  computerization improves living standards throughout the world
5.  computerization reduces the total number of jobs available to Israelis.
6.  the production of test tube babies be prohibited.
7.  current and future attempts to create and prolong human life by artificial means serves the interest of humanity.
8.  the research scientist be held responsible for the use to which society puts his research.
9.  the salvation of our society lie in the Arts
10.  technological advances are sufficient to overcome our dwindling resources.
11.  technology is a threat to individual privacy.
12.  science greatly benefits mankind
13.  science and technology advances more rapidly than man’s understanding of them.
14.  space research is a waste of time and money.
15.  more money be spent on scientific research in Israel.

Education and Schools

1.  School is not necessary beyond grade…
2.  the completion of high school qualifies one to hold a job.
3.  today’s educational system is inadequate for the needs of today’s society.
4.  school standards should be raised?
5.  strict discipline is the best way to raise children
6.  religion should be taught in all public schools.
7.  students who receive an “A” average should be excused from final examinations
8.  credit be given to students for participation in extra-curricular activities
9.  extra-curricular activities be abolished
10.  students be given one day a month to pursue individual research and study
11.  Language Arts classes devote one period a weed to oral work
12.  children are forced to grow up too soon
13.  university tuition fees be abolished
14.  there be merit pay for teachers
15.  a four day school week in the best interest of students
16.  comic books be banned
17.  studying anything before 1900 is a waste of time
18.  literature is essential to civilization
19.  all students be required to participate in one extra curricular activity
20.  poverty is a greater evil to society than illiteracy


1.  western society is immoral
2.  Judaism / Israel is a civilization worth preserving
3.  nationalism is the greatest evil of the twenty-first century
4.  all Israelis should be bilingual
5.  Israelis have a sense of identity
6.  modern music is inferior to classical music
7.  music the mirror of society
8.  Israeli culture is controlled by the United States

Men and Women

1.  women receive equal pay for equal work
2.  girls help pay for the cost of a date
3.  it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all
4.  the family is an outmoded institution
5.  couples be prevented from having more than two children
6.  marriage be prohibited before the age of 18
7.  women should be allowed to be priests in the Catholic Church
8.  the government take steps to better protect the rights of women


1.  national service for all groups in Israeli society
2.  U.F.Os exist
3.  competition is beneficial to human beings
4.  animals be maintained in captivity for human enjoyment
5.  poverty is a state of mind
6.  families be restricted to one car
7.  the world will ultimately starve
8.  the preservation of the environment is more important than industrial development
9.  the Olympics be abolished
10.  overdevelopment is a greater threat to world peace than under-development
11.  the United Nations is a failure
12.  progress is an illusion
13.  the energy crisis is a blessing in disguise
14.  tipping should be abolished
15.  North American sports encourages an atmosphere of violence
16.  politics is an honourable profession
17.  the United States is a greater threat to world peace than Communist China
18.  law enforcement is biased against the young
19.  the issue of having an identification card
20.  personalities have replaced issues in politics
21.  the youth of today have a more difficult life than the youth of thirty years ago
22.  there be health care for animals
23.  the celebration of Christmas is too commercialized
24.  would Israel be better off as a Monarchy?
25.  revolution is the most effective way to accomplish political change
26.  euthanasia (assisted suicide) is morally just
27.  capital punishment is a better deterrent to murder than life imprisonment
28.  a bath better is than a shower
29.  Santa’s elves have the right to strike
30.  Snoopy is a war monger
31.  Israel needs heroes
32.  drinking alcohol should be prohibited
33.  it be desirable if we had the ability to read another’s mind
34.  public nudity should be permitted
35.  war toys be outlawed
36.  money can buy happiness
37.  fear is a positive emotion
38.  up is better than down
39.  it is easier to be a teenager than an adult
40.  dogs are better than cats
41.  athletes not be allowed to earn more than $100,000 a year
42.  red is better than blue
43.  democracy is outmoded
44.  gossip should be made illegal
45.  the best offence is a strong defence
46.  St. Valentine’s Day be abolished
47.  the legal drinking age in Israel be abolished
48.  the government permit the use of heroin in the treatment of cancer
49.  the federal government prohibit hunting as a sport
50.  crime pays
51.  movies are better than ever
52.  you are what you wear
53.  beauty is a curse
54.  rock music is destructive
55.  Pac Man is a dangerous foreign invader
56.  the dog is man’s best friend
57.  the modern man is a wimp
58.  Israelis be fined for failing to vote
59.  the coyote deserves to catch the road runner
60.  Humpty Dumpty got what he deserved
61.  a man’s home is his castle

Modern Issues

1.  measures be taken to reduce the migration of rural populations to large cities
2.  genetic engineering be made illegal
3.  the driving age be increased
4.  the government pay for raising a family
5.  highway speeds be lowered
6.  police powers be enlarged
7.  the production of test-tube babies be prohibited
8.  private automobiles be prohibited in downtown Calgary
9.  there be a 4 day work week
10. the physically fit earn a tax credit
11.  young offenders be tried in open court
12.  beer and wine be sold in grocery stores
13.  can an Israel Palestinian confederation be successful
14.  Israel and the nuclear weapons deterrant
15.  there be a world government
16.  cab Israel play a bigger role in peace keeping

The Media

1.  the news media be held responsible for the accuracy of their reporting
2.  TV dictates our way of life
3.  TV encourages violent behaviour in viewers
4.  TV  is addictive
5.  Is TV a wasteland?


1.  there is a Santa Claus
2.  the best things in life are free
3.  gentlemen really do prefer blondes
4.  hippiness is happiness
5.  history repeats itself
6.  imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
7.  we have too much freedom
8.  looks are the key to success
9.  there’s nothing new in the world today
10.  every man has his price
11.  peace should be at any price
12.  nice guys finish last
13.  we get what we deserve
14.  we should always get even
15.  freedom is overrated
16.  we are too serious
17.  revenge is sweet
18.  slow and steady really does win the race
19.  pride goes before a fall
20.  ignorance is bliss
21.  we want too much
22.  we have too much
23.  we know too much
24.  the truth will set you free
25.  No pain, no gain is true
26.  the pen is mightier than the sword
27.  it is better to be a live coward than a dead hero
28.  compromise is best
29.  we would rather not know        
30.  stability is better than progress
31.  we should  slow down
32.  anger is a virtue
33.  the future is in our control
34.  two heads are better than one
35.  power corrupts
36.  intelligence is over-rated
37.  something which does not kill us make us stronger
38.  chivalry is dead
39.  there is such a thing as magic
40.  there is  a case for terrorism
41.  science is the answer to world problems
42.  winning is everything
43.  we should mind our own business
44.  lightning is better than thunder
45.  tradition is holding us back
46.  the Ku Klux Klan be banned
47.  lotteries do more good than harm
48.  we censor the internet


1.  diamond’s are a girl’s best friend
2.  we need greener lawns
3.  we all be cowboys
4.  ketchup is essential
5.  the mirror is mankind’s worst invention
6.  life is a highway
7.  scrooge was right
8.  clocks are a good thing
9.  Darth Vader has the right idea
10.  the Press can be trusted
11.  sunsets are better than sunrises
12.  quantity is  better than quality
13.  it is better to be a trumpet than a violin
14.  life is like a video game
15.  life is  like the Simpsons
16.  it is better to be a sword than a shield
17.  it is better to be a pauper than a prince
28.  it is better to be a spider than a fly
29.  Santa Claus should be arrested
30.  football does more harm than good
31.  soap operas are detrimental to one’s health
32.  the Prom is an expensive and ludicrous binge
33.  hamburgers are not just a tasty sandwich

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