Thursday, October 5, 2000

Collaborative project with Japan

Collaborative project with 'English Square' - private English school in Kanazawa, Japan.

[Students Video]
Three students were absent when this video was taken because they were attending "High School Students' United Nations Project" in Tokyo. 
Sorry I couldn't find any photos that captured all of them. 
Perhaps we can take a photo on Oct.29. 
[Kanazawa City Info]
The city is now one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Or keren and Leon and Or Carmon
Airi Aoyama
Ori Lapid and Yoav Harari
Hanako Seki
Noam Horev and Shir Bar-Hen
Moe Miyamukai
Yuli Rubinstein and Yael Komornik and Nikol 
Moka Fuchimoto
Naomi Turner and Zoe Bahalul
Ryosei Nakatani
Neta Bagg Baram, Noga Katz, Sasha Osher
Shinnosuke Nishimura
Noam Rodoy and Adi Schiller
Yuka Tagawa
Daniel Tommer and Shai Lev and Nimrod Vigoda
Yael Menahem and Maor moshe
Doron Cory and Noam Benush
Paz Franco and Gali Brihand
Adi Schwarz with Abigail Oshrin
Segev Khalfa and Omer Levin

Team leaders
Nikol / Carmel
Monday Group
Airi Aoyama - G11
Hanako Seki - G11
Moe Miyamukai - G10
Moka Fuchimoto - G10
Ryosei Nakatani - G11
Shinnosuke Nishimura - G11
Yuka Tagawa - G10
Friday Group - G10

 Thank you so much for sending me the video of your city. 
Looks like it is undergoing some exciting development! 
I will show my students the video and make them guess which country it's in. 
It will make an interesting introduction to the project. 
I was thinking what sort of Japanese literature your students might be interested in. 
Are they familiar with Haiku, the short poems with a specific number of syllable for each line?
If it is new to them, it will make a nice project. 
For example, my students can show your students their favorite Haiku poems, and they can also create their own Haiku in English. 
Then your students may try and make their own Haiku, too.