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Essay writing for the G module - Grammar & Writing - High school

Essay Writing for the G Module -  Descriptive / For & Against /Opinion.
Descriptive Essay: 
Describing a Person         My Grandfather

·       This is where you:
o   State general facts about the person: when, where and how you first met him/her.
o   State the reason for choosing this person.

A person who has influenced me most is my grandfather. My grandfather raised me to be sensitive, cheerful and compassionate. He is someone I love and cherish very deeply.

Body Paragraph #1 & #2
·       Describe some of the following information about the person:

o   physical appearance
o   personal qualities
o   hobbies/interests
o   profession/education
o   accomplishments

·       Start a new paragraph for a topic that is unrelated to the other topics.

·       For example:
o   Paragraph #1 – physical appearance & personal qualities

o   Paragraph #2 – education, profession & accomplishments

My grandfather, Jack, is of medium height. He is in his early seventies but looks extremely young for his age. He is slim and has got short grey hair. My grandfather’s face is round and friendly looking. He has small blue eyes and an expression full of kindness. He tends to wear casual clothes like jeans and tee shirts, which add to his youthful appearance.

My grandfather is an incredibly sensitive person who helps everyone in need. Yet, he never seeks a reward for his kindness. Moreover, my grandfather is so generous that he wants to share what he possesses with others. For example, he donated 10,000 shekels to an organization for Holocaust survivors. Furthermore, I can speak to him about all of my problems because he is trustworthy and keeps all my secrets. What he does not tolerate is a lie. He has always told me that if you don’t tell the truth, you will only hurt your self-respect.

Conclusion Paragraph
·       Write a conclusion in which you express your personal attitude towards the person.
In short, my grandfather is one of the most important people in my life. I believe that he has contributed greatly to my ability to show compassion and sensitivity for others.  

Descriptive Essay: 
Describing an Event         Bungee Jumping

·       This is where you give a name, time, place and reason for the event.
Last year, I went to a secret spot in Australia called "The Dolphin Valley". There I found the perfect thing to do, bungee jumping!!! I had never done it prior to this trip and found that it was a sensational experience that I would love to do again in the future.

Body Paragraph #1
·       Describe all of the preparations leading up to the event.  

·       Use as many adjectives as possible.
The bungee area was up on a bridge surrounded by gigantic trees, large rocks and sandy hills all over. On the way up to the bridge I got a bit nervous. When I got there, I was so frightened that my knees were about to give up on me. Then, the owner came out and asked me how old I was and if I had any previous experience. He weighed me and measured my height. Finally, he gave me the stamp of approval to make the jump. Boy was I scared! Next, he strapped huge weights to my ankles which felt like medium sized bowling balls. Then, he attached a long bungee cord to the weights. Last but not least, I had to wear a bright yellow helmet to protect my head.

Body Paragraph #2
·       Describe the actual event.

·       Use as many adjectives as possible.

·       Use past tenses to illustrate those you attended some time ago.
Now it was time for the actual jump. The owner told me to jump when he said "Go!!"  He also gave me some useful advice about not looking down. As soon as he said that, I looked down and what I saw was a big river and sharp jagged rocks. I closed my eyes and when I opened them the owner started to count, "One… two…. three… GO!" I jumped off and my heart felt like it was about to leap out of my chest. Finally, I opened my eyes and everything was upside down. I bounced up once or twice and that was it. I felt an exhilarating rush throughout my entire body, which continued until I made it back to solid ground.

Conclusion Paragraph
·       Write a conclusion in which you include your feelings comments or a final thought about the event.
As soon as I got back to the bridge I knew I had done it. It was the greatest feeling that I had ever experienced. To this day, it remains a significant experience in my life and one that I would highly recommend to others, who similar to myself, like to be adventurous.
Descriptive Essay: 
Describing a Place          The Island of Bohol

·       This is where you give:
o   The name and location of the place.
o   Your reason for choosing it.

Three years ago I took a trip to the beautiful Island of Bohol. This is an Island located in the South near the province of Cebu. If you come from Manila, you can either take a plane or a cruise liner to get there. Simply put, the Island of Bohol is the hidden jewel of the South Pacific.   
Body Paragraph #1
·       Describe what the place looks like and what you can see there.

·       Use many adjectives in order to create a picture of the place you are describing.

Aside from its pristine white-sand beaches and the Chocolate Hills, Bohol’s tourism assets also include centuries-old churches and towers. You can find magnificent scuba diving havens, majestic falls, mystical caves and historical landmarks. Yet, the primitive and exotic fauna is something you don’t want to miss.
Body Paragraph #2
·       Describe what you can do at this place (activities, attractions, etc.)

·       Use many adjectives to describe these activities.

There are many things you can do in Bohol to make your holiday enjoyable. For example, you can hire a boat to bring you to one of the Islands where you can buy fresh seafood or eat in a floating restaurant. You can also take a dive or have a swim in the clear blue sea with the amazing shorelines. In addition, the local people are very warm and friendly so they will be happy to take you to various interesting places.
Conclusion Paragraph
·       Write a conclusion, which includes your comments, feelings and recommendations regarding this place.

In short, the Island of Bohol is an amazing oasis of bliss. If you are looking for the perfect vacation to relax and enjoy yourself, this is the place for you.

Descriptive Essay: Describing an Object

My Memory Box

·       This is where you give:
o   The name of the object.
o   The reason for choosing it.
Over the past twenty years I have kept a very special object in my bedroom, right under my bed; a red box. However, this is not just any old red box. This box is very meaningful to me as it holds the small and precious antiquities of my life. This is my very own memory box.
Body Paragraph #1
·       Describe what the object looks like. You should give an accurate picture of it.

·       Your description should include information about size, weight, shape, pattern and color.

·       Use as many adjectives as possible.

My memory box is of medium size but small enough to fit under my bed. It is bright red with small red shiny sequins pinned all over the top. The box is made from a silky soft and metallic material, which has remained in tact and untarnished over the years. The box is perfectly square with slightly rounded edges. The interior of the box is also red but slightly lighter and maintains the same soft and silky material.
Body Paragraph #2
·       Describe what you do with the object and/or why it is significant.

·       Use as many adjectives as possible.

The main purpose of this box is to hold my memories. The box contains a variety of small but meaningful objects such as my first passport, my children’s birth bands and my father’s old worker’s identification card. The box also holds a collection of articles regarding people I know and events that have had some sort of relevance to my life. I also managed to pack in some small trinkets that remind me of my high school days. For example, fifteen years ago I placed my prom card in the box so that I could always remember what an amazing celebration it was.
Conclusion Paragraph
·       Write a conclusion, which includes your comments/feeling and/or recommendations concerning this object.

In conclusion, although this shiny red box is not worth much monetarily, it is worth an immense amount in sentimental value. I recommend that if you do not have your own memory box, you begin to keep one now so that twenty years down the line you can enjoy reflecting on your past just as I am able to do today.  

 How to Write a For & Against Essay
Teenagers have always spent a lot of time watching television. As a result, there is growing concern about the influence of television.


1.    State a fact – use the perfect tenses
2.    Introduce your topic

On the one hand, it is thought that watching television can cause damage. They claim that repeatedly watching violence on TV has a negative effect on many teens and can cause violent behavior. Moreover, they worry that some teens spend more time watching television than socializing with their friends.


·       Causes violence
·       No time to socialize

- First sentence should include a gerund.

On the other hand, if teenagers watch television, it is likely that they will learn a lot of useful information. For example, there are educational programs about a wide variety of topics; from the environment to technology. In addition, there are programs especially for teenagers that deal with important issues such as friendship, trust and drugs. Such programs can help teenagers understand these issues better.


·       Educational
·       Addresses teen issues

- First sentence should include the 1st conditional.
In conclusion, although violence on TV or watching too much TV may be harmful, I believe that the benefits of television are greater than any harm it might cause. However, ultimately each parent must choose what is best for his or her own teenager.

1.    Add concluding comments
2.    State your opinion if asked
3.    Throw it back to the reader

Things To Remember
1.    Separate Your Paragraphs. – Put a line between each paragraph
2.    Do NOT state your opinion at the beginning - You can state your opinion at the end of the essay if the question asks for it or says that you may do so.
3.    Don’t repeat your argument - Make sure that you have two arguments for (advantages) and two arguments against (disadvantages).
4.    Provide Examples - You must provide examples to support your arguments.
5.    Use Connectors - The second, third and fourth paragraph should each start with a connector. You should use additional connectors throughout the essay as well.
How to Write an Opinion Essay
Students have always liked to stay out late. Last week, a law was enacted stating that students have to be in their homes by 10:00 pm on weekdays and 12:00 am on weekends. Although this law is controversial and likely to incite opposition, I am in complete support of it.


1.     State a fact use the perfect tenses
2.     Introduce your topic
3.     State your opinion

First, staying out late can be very dangerous. This new curfew law will protect students from danger. Most violence occurs late at night. Many attacks and robberies occur when the perpetrator can hide in the dark. Furthermore, at night there is less parental supervision and more people on the streets doing dangerous things such as drinking and doing drugs. This law will keep teenagers out of harm's way and safe in their homes.

Supporting Paragraph #1

Topic à Protection from Danger

- First sentence should include a gerund.

Secondly, if this new law is enacted, it will help students improve their study habits. We know that students who are out at night are not home studying or resting. For example, a student may feel pressured to go out with his or her friends at night in place of studying for a math exam. This law will remove the peer pressure and temptation. Moreover, students will be able to go to sleep at a decent hour in order to feel refreshed for class the next day. As such, the law will improve attendance and punctuality.

Supporting Paragraph #2

Topicà Improvement of Studies

-  First sentence should include the 1st conditional.
In conclusion, society has a responsibility to look out for the best interest of teenagers. While the new curfew law is sure to result in anger amongst many teens, the benefits clearly outweigh any possible negative effects. That is why I am in in favor of the new curfew law. However, the government must ultimately make this decision.


1.     Restate your strongest reason & opinion
2.     Throw it back to the reader

Things To Remember
1.     Separate Your Paragraphs.
Remember to skip a line between each paragraph in order to keep your essay organized, neat and easy to read.
2.     Remember to state your opinion in the opening paragraph.
The most important part of an opinion composition is YOUR OPINION.
3.     Don't Repeat Your Argument.
Make sure that each of your arguments is distinct and different from the others. Points which are very similar to each other should be grouped together as one argument.
4.     Provide Examples
You must provide examples to support your arguments.
5.     Use CONNECTORS!!!!
The second, third and fourth paragraphs should each start with a connector. You should use additional connectors throughout the essay as well. 
Writing Tasks – for Module G 
1. Write 120-140 words in English on the following topic: An international teen magazine is holding a writing competition on the following topic: It is often said that people who are famous have a responsibility to the public to set a good example. Do you agree with this view? Write a passage for the magazine stating and explaining your opinion. You may give examples to support your opinion.
 2. Write 120 – 140 words on the following topic: Some people believe that school should start at 09:00? What do you think? State and explain your opinion.
 3. Write 120 – 140 words in English on the following topic: Good friendship is shown in hard times. Do you agree? Express your opinion, giving one or two examples.
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